Doctor Who Patrick Troughton
1966 - 1969

Season Four

  • EE.
    The Power Of The Daleks
    A colony scientist plans to use Daleks as servants, but the Daleks have other ideas
  • NV.
    1967, a time of love and peace, but what is the threat posed by the Blue Moonbeams?
  • MA.
    Invasion Of The Cat People
    The Cat-People intend to continue work started 2000 years earlier
  • PDA.
    The Murder Game
    On board a space hotel someone is taking a murder mystery game a little too seriously
  • PDA.
    Dying In The Sun
    The Doctor tries to stop a film being released that could change the movie industry for ever
  • FF.
    The Highlanders
    The TARDIS lands in Scotland near the battle of Culloden, 1746
  • GG.
    The Underwater Menace
    The Doctor and his crew are captured and taken below ground to the mythical city of Atlantis
  • HH.
    The Moonbase
    The Cybermen attack a moon colony to pave their way for an invasion of Earth
  • JJ.
    The Macra Terror
    The TARDIS materialises on a planet where the Earth colony is run more like a holiday camp
  • PDA.
    The Roundheads
    The TARDIS crew are emboiled in a plan to spirit King Charles from prison
  • KK.
    The Faceless Ones
    People travelling with Chameleon Tours have been disappearing
  • LL.
    The Evil Of The Daleks
    In 1867, during an experiment in time travel, a Dalek appears

Season Five

  • MM.
    The Tomb Of The Cybermen
    An archaeological team are trying to discover why the Cybermen disappeared
  • PDA.
    Heart of TARDIS
    People of an American Midwestern town are being killed in brutal ways
  • NN.
    The Abominable Snowmen
    The Great Intelligence tries to take material form using a Tibetan monk
  • OO.
    The Ice Warriors
    The Ice Warriors plan to colonise Earth during the second ice-age
  • PDA.
    Combat Rock
    The TARDIS crew are involved in a conflict between guerilla tribesmen and colonial forces
  • PDA.
    Dreams Of Empire
    The future of an entire empire hangs in the balance
  • PP.
    The Enemy Of The World
    The Doctor is the exact double of the would-be dictator Salamander
  • QQ.
    The Web Of Fear
    The Great Intelligence is able to try again when a Yeti is re-activated
  • MA.
    Twilight Of The Gods
    Vortis, the Web Plant, is now embroiled in a bitter interplanetary war
  • MA.
    The Dark Path
    The last enclave of the Earth Empires harbours a dark obsession
  • RR.
    Fury From The Deep
    An oil refinery has been experiencing problems and has sucked up a form of parasitic weed
  • SS.
    The Wheel In Space
    The Cybermen use Cybermats to attack a space station as part of an invasion plan
  • NV.
    Foreign Devils
    In China the spirits of the past have returned

Season Six

  • TT.
    The Dominators
    The Dominators plan to turn a planet into a radioactive wasteland to power their fleet
  • UU.
    The Mind Robber
    The Doctor and his companions become trapped in a land of fiction
  • VV.
    The Invasion
    The Cybermen try to enslave the human race by using mind control
  • WW.
    The Krotons
    The Krotons, held in suspended animation, need mental energy to reawaken
  • XX.
    The Seeds Of Death
    The Ice Warriors try to invade Earth by altering the planet's weather
  • PDA.
    The Final Sanction
    The final confrontation between humankind and the Selachians is about to reach its conclusion
  • PDA.
    The Colony Of Lies
    After 100 years a 'Back to Basics' Earth colony is in a state of chaos
  • YY.
    The Space Pirates
    Space pirates have been destroying navigation beacons on the search for agonite
  • MA.
    The Menagerie
    The Doctor is forced to lead an expedition to search for the fabled Menagerie of Ukkazaal
  • PDA.
    The Indestructible Man
    Mysterious aliens from beyond Space and Time may have returned to destroy Earth
  • ZZ.
    The War Games
    People have been kidnapped and set down in recreations of their own time zones to fight
  • PDA.
    World Game
    Before the Doctor goes into exile the Time Lords have a task for him