Doctor Who Peter Davison
1982 - 1984

Season Nineteen

  • 5Z.
    The Master traps the Doctor in a mathematically created world
  • MA.
    Cold Fusion
    More than one TARDIS lands on a barren ice world
  • 5W.
    Four To Doomsday
    The Monarch plans to poison Earth and re-populate it with androids
  • 5Y.
    On Deva Loka Tegan is enchanted and falls under the influence of the Mara
  • 5X.
    The Visitation
    The Terileptils attempt to invade Earth by releasing the Black Death
  • PDA.
    Divided Loyalties
    The Doctor receives a telepathic call for help from a classmate lost to the Celestial Toymaker
  • 6A.
    Black Orchid
    The Doctor is expected at a cricket game, and Nyssa is the subject of mistaken identity
  • 6B.
    The Cybermen attempt to destroy a meeting on Earth by crashing a freighter into the planet
  • 6C.
    The Doctor manages to return Tegan to Heathrow where Concordes have been disappearing
  • PDA.
    Empire Of Death
    The Doctor and Nyssa are shocked when a ghost appears in the TARDIS
  • 6C/A.
    The Land Of The Dead
    Alaska: The TARDIS departs avoiding an accident; thirty years on the Doctor and Nyssa find creatures
  • 6C/B.
    Winter For The Adept
    Due to a teleportation accident Nyssa finds herself in the Swiss Alps, 1963
  • 6C/C.
    The Mutant Phase
    Daleks have occupied 22nd century Earth. By the 43rd century only a handful of humans survive
  • 6C/D.
    Nyssa is dying, and there's only one place in the universe to go for help
  • 6C/E.
    Spare Parts
    The Doctor and Nyssa unearth a black market in second-hand body parts
  • 6C/F.
    Creatures Of Beauty
    What if it is not clear who is right and who is wrong? Who is ugly and who is beautiful?

Season Twenty

  • 6E.
    Arc Of Infinity
    Omega returns by cloning the Doctor's body
  • 6E/A.
    A strange telepathic message prompts the Doctor to travel to where Omega's ship vanished
  • MA.
    The Sands Of Time
    Victorian London: Nyssa is kidnapped. What does the history of ancient mummy have to do with Nyssa?
  • PDA.
    Zeta Major
    A remark made by a past Doctor has a big effect two thousand years later on the empire of Morestra
  • PDA.
    Fear Of The Dark
    2382: Archaeologists land on Akoshemon's moon, searching for evidence of the planet's infamous past
  • 6D.
    Tegan is again under the control of the Mara
  • MA.
    Goth Opera
    Nyssa is attacked by a child when on a holiday. She escapes with two small marks in her neck
  • 6F.
    Mawdryn Undead
    A group of scientists who have achieved immortality seek death
  • 6G.
    The Universe comes close to destruction when a ship's automatic pilot nearly dumps fuel
  • 6H.
    Eternals are racing yachts; the winner will achieve enlightenment
  • 6J.
    The King's Demons
    The Master plans to alter the course of history by preventing the Magna Carta from being signed
  • MA.
    The Crystal Bucephalus
    When dining in a time travelling restaurant, the Doctor and companions are accused of murder
  • 6K.
    The Five Doctors
    All the Doctors are brought together to help, and stop, the President of Gallifrey become immortal

Season Twenty One

  • 6L.
    Warriors Of The Deep
    Surviving Silurians plan to wipe out humanity by provoking global nuclear war
  • PDA.
    Deep Blue
    The Doctor and his companions hope for a little time off, and arrive near Tayborough Sands, 1970
  • 6M.
    The Awakening
    War game reconstructions provide the Malus with the psychic energy it needs to reawake
  • PDA.
    The King Of Terror
    At the end of millennium the future of humankind hinges on the activities of a multimedia company
  • 6N.
    The Tractators have been creating tunnels with the aim of turning Frontios into a space vehicle
  • 6P.
    Resurrection Of The Daleks
    The Daleks attempt to rescue Davros from the ship taking him to trial
  • MA.
    Lords Of The Storm
    The Rutans' and Sontarans' conflict has been long, but one side may have victory within its grasp
  • PDA.
    Imperial Moon
    The year is 1878: Three ships of the British Imperial Spacefleet have just set course for the moon
  • 6P/A.
    The TARDIS takes the Doctor and Turlough to London in 1702
  • 6P/B.
    Time is running out as the fearsome shadow of an ancient werewolf moves ever closer
  • 6Q.
    Planet Of Fire
    The Master has been shrunk after an accident with his tissue compression eliminator
  • PDA.
    The Ultimate Treasure
    The quest for Rovan's hoard: what is it, and why has it remained undiscovered for so long?
  • PDA.
    Superior Beings
    Deep beneath a pleasure-planetoid something is waiting...
  • PDA.
    A chain of events has been set in motion that will change the Doctor and Peri forever
  • 6Q/A.
    Red Dawn
    Ares One: NASA's first manned mission to the dead planet Mars. But is Mars as dead as it seems?
  • 6Q/B.
    The Eye Of The Scorpion
    Egypt is in mourning. Pharaoh, the great God-King, is dead.
  • 6Q/C.
    The Church And The Crown
    Peri becomes embroiled in a plot to kill Queen Anne and the Doctor finds himself duelling Musketeers
  • 6Q/D.
    The Doctor struggles to understand the secret of the domain of the dead, ­known as Nekromanteia.
  • NV.
    Blood And Hope
    The Doctor, Peri and Erimem find themselves in the midst of the American Civil War
  • 6R.
    The Caves Of Androzani
    The TARDIS arrives in the middle of a battle between a military force and rebels
  • 7Z.
    The Sirens Of Time
    Gallifrey is in a state of crisis and three incarnations of the Doctor must join together