Doctor Who Colin Baker
1984 - 1986

I am the Lord President of Gallifrey. You can't put me on trial.

The Sixth Doctor

The Trial Of A Time Lord: The Mysterious Planet

Season Twenty One

  • 6S.
    The Twin Dilemma
    Two kidnapped twins are helped by the newly regenerated, and unstable, Doctor

Season Twenty Two

  • 6T.
    Attack Of The Cybermen
    The Cybermen attempt to prevent the destruction of Mondas
  • 6V.
    Vengeance On Varos
    The TARDIS needs Zyton-7 found only on Varos
  • MA.
    Burning Heart
    Things are out of control on Dramos: The Church of Adjudication thinks that the God is coming back
  • NV.
    Shell Shock
    The Doctor is washed up on an alien beach. How can he possibly rescue Peri who was lost at sea?
  • PDA.
    Grave Matter
    When Christopher Sheldon buys Dorsill the locals owe him a debt of thanks
  • 6X.
    The Mark Of The Rani
    Both the Master and the Rani are interfering in history
  • PDA.
    Peri is promised culture and elegance in London. They land in the right time, but wrong place
  • PDA.
    Palace Of The Red Sun
    The TARDIS lands on an isolated world whose immaculate gardens seem the very model of tranquillity
  • 6W.
    The Two Doctors
    When something happens to the Second Doctor the Sixth Doctor travels to Spain to help
  • 6W/A.
    Davros has been given the chance to redeem himself, but has he really turned over a new leaf?
  • 6Y.
    The Borad is provoking war with neighbouring planets
  • 6Z.
    Revelation Of The Daleks
    A new breed of Daleks is being created from the bodies of the dead
  • MA.
    State Of Change
    The Doctor and Peri watch Cleopatra's barge glide up the Nile while an alien presence waits
  • PDA.
    Blue Box
    A programmer, student, and a hacker known as 'The Doctor' join forces to combat an electronic threat
  • 6Z/A.
    Whispers Of Terror
    The travellers find themselves in a museum where every sound is stored for posterity
  • 6Z/B.
    An expert in lexicography is found dead by her own hand; Can the Doctor realise who wrote the suicide note
  • PDA.
    An entrepreneur on a space station is in league with one of the Doctor's oldest enemies

Season Twenty Three

  • 7A.
    The Mysterious Planet
    During the Doctor's trial evidence is shown of his interference on Ravalox
  • 7B.
    The evidence against the Doctor continues with Thoros Beta
  • 7C.
    Terror Of The Vervoids
    The Doctor has chance to defend himself with his events on board the Hyperion III
  • 7C.
    The Ultimate Foe
    The prosecuting Valeyard's true identity is revealed by the Master

Continuing Adventures

  • MA.
    Time Of Your Life
    Seemingly random disturbances are upsetting the Network's broadcasts
  • MA.
    Millennial Rites
    At the the coming of the millennium London is transformed into a very different world
  • PDA.
    The Shadow In The Glass
    An unidentified aircraft is shot down over Turelhampton; why is the village immediately evacuated?
  • PDA.
    Mission: Impractical
    The Doctor and Frobisher are drawn into a mysterious scheme along with Glitz and Dibber
  • PDA.
    Business Unusual
    In Brighton, 1989 the Brigadier has gone missing whilst investigating SenéNet
  • PDA.
    The Quantum Archangel
    The Doctor and Mel must reconcile their differences or the Quantum Archangel will triumph
  • PDA.
    Instruments Of Darkness
    The Doctor and Mel arrive on Earth days before New Year; an old friend has been kidnapped
  • PDA.
    Spiral Scratch
    The Doctor and Mel must solve the mystery of a contracting multiverse
  • 7C/A.
    The Marian Conspiracy
    The Doctor, tacking a nexus point it time, must travel back to Tudor times to stabilise it
  • 7C/B.
    The Spectre Of Lanyon Moor
    The Doctor and Evelyn encounter a very special old friend in Cornwall at an archaeological dig
  • 7C/C.
    Dalek Empire: The Apocalypse Element
    Many of the bodies of an expedition twenty years earlier materialise on the planet Archetryx
  • 7C/D.
    Prehistoric Earth is dying. One day the Silurians will awaken and reclaim their world...
  • 7C/E.
    Project: Twilight
    What connection does a casino have to a government initiative known as Project: Twilight?
  • 7C/F.
    The Sandman
    The Sandman, a figure of myth and folk-lore, preys on the young and old alike
  • 7C/G.
    The Daleks are making another attempt to invade Earth
  • 7C/H.
    Doctor Who And The Pirates
    Rum for all and sea shanties galore on good ship Sea Eagle with an old sea-dog known only as the Doctor
  • 7C/J.
    Project: Lazarus
    A traveller in time returns to correct the mistakes of the past and faces a danger that could rob him of his future.
  • 7C/R.
    The One Doctor
    The Doctor and his companion are in the area when danger strikes, so who is this curly-haired stranger?
  • 7Z.
    The Sirens Of Time
    Gallifrey is in a state of crisis and three incarnations of the Doctor must join together
  • SS5.
    The Wormery
    After so many centuries, the Time Lord is dragged into undiscovered countries - love