Doctor Who Tom Baker
1974 - 1981

Something's interfering with time, Mr Scarman. And time is my business.

Fourth Doctor

Pyramids Of Mars

Season Twelve

  • 4A.
    The newly regenerated Doctor battles a giant robot
  • 4C.
    The Ark In Space
    The Wirrrn plan to lay their eggs in the cryogenically preserved people of Earth
  • 4B.
    The Sontaran Experiment
    A Sontaran is running experiments on the humans that have returned to Earth
  • 4E.
    Genesis Of The Daleks
    The Doctor is sent on a mission by the Time Lords to destroy the Daleks
  • MA.
    A Device Of Death
    The Doctor and his companions have been scattered across the stars, wiping his memory in the process
  • 4D.
    Revenge Of The Cybermen
    The Cybermen plan to destroy Voga, the planet of Gold, and the Vogans
  • PDA.
    Harry is dead; the Doctor and Sarah try to solve the mystery of his death

Season Thirteen

  • 4F.
    Terror Of The Zygons
    The Zygons plan to take over the Earth by posing as humans
  • 4H.
    Planet Of Evil
    A scientist plans to use anti-matter from Zeta-Minor, but an anti-matter entity retaliates
  • MA.
    In Europa, designed thousands of years in the future, historical figures live again
  • 4G.
    Pyramids Of Mars
    Egyptian God Sutekh discovers a way to escape from his prison
  • 4J.
    The Android Invasion
    The Kraals create a simulation of Earth using androids in preparation for invasion
  • 4K.
    The Brain Of Morbius
    The Time Lords send the Doctor to Karn to halt Dr. Solon's experiments
  • MA.
    In Victorian England a macabre scheme to interfere with with human evolution is uncovered
  • 4L.
    The Seeds Of Doom
    When a Krynoid seed pod is stolen a Krynoid grows and threatens all animal life
  • MA.
    System Shock
    Earth, 1998, and a race against time to prevent an alien takeover

Season Fourteen

  • 4M.
    Masque Of Mandragora
    The Mandragora Helix finds a way into the TARDIS and escapes into Italy
  • 4N.
    The Hand Of Fear
    After an accident in a quarry Sarah helps Eldrad return to reclaim his heritage
  • 4P.
    The Deadly Assassin
    The Doctor returns to Gallifrey to prevent the President's assassination... and becomes the accused
  • NV.
    Ghost Ship
    The TARDIS lands in the most haunted place on Earth, the luxury ocean liner the Queen Mary
  • PDA.
    Millennium Shock
    1999: The Millennium Bug not only threatens technology but could be the key to an alien invasion
  • 4Q.
    The Face Of Evil
    On an unknown planet the Doctor finds his face on a cliff, and a computer he programmed
  • 4R.
    The Robots Of Death
    When people on a sandminer start disappearing the Doctor and Leela are blamed
  • PDA.
    Last Man Running
    The TARDIS arrives on a violent world where creatures aim for the top of the food chain
  • PDA.
    Corpse Marker
    Again robots are being programmed to kill. Is the dead genius Taren Capel involved?
  • 4S.
    The Talons Of Weng-Chiang
    A series of murders have been committed by a Chinese Tong of the Black Scorpian
  • PDA.
    Eye Of Heaven
    On Easter Island an expedition may lead to ancient powers being invoked
  • PDA.
    Psi-ence Fiction
    Experiments in the paranormal lead to the questioning of the whole of existence
  • PDA.
    White consumes the New Hampshire landscape - the perfect disguise for ghosts
  • PDA.
    Match Of The Day
    Leela is challenged to a duel to the death on a planet where not to kill is an offence punishable by death

Season Fifteen

  • 4V.
    Horror Of Fang Rock
    People start to die soon after a Rutan scout crashes on Earth
  • 4T.
    The Invisible Enemy
    The Doctor becomes infected with the Nucleus of a virus
  • 4X.
    Image Of The Fendahl
    A human skull is discovered and found to be over twelve million years old
  • 4W.
    The Sun Makers
    The Usurians have enslaved the human colony on the planet of Pluto
  • 4Y.
    The crew of a Minyan ship are on a quest to find the Minyan race bank
  • 4Z.
    The Invasion Of Time
    The Sontarans attempt to invade Gallifrey by using the Vardans
  • PDA.
    The Drosten's Curse
    Arbroath, 1978: Something huge, ancient and alien, lies beneath the ground. And it's starting to wake up...

Season Sixteen

  • 5A.
    The Ribos Operation
    The White Guardian selects the Doctor for a special mission - to reassemble the Key to Time
  • PDA.
    Tomb Of Valdemar
    In the Palace of the Old Ones the way is being prepared for the Dark One's resurrection
  • 5B.
    The Pirate Planet
    A hollow planet has been materialising around planets and draining their life forces
  • 5C.
    The Stones Of Blood
    For 4,000 years the Cessair of Diplos has been hiding on Earth
  • MA.
    The Shadow Of Weng-Chiang
    Shanghai, 1930: The Doctor is manipulated into following the Dragon Path
  • PDA.
    Heart of TARDIS
    A force has been released into the Universe, but the Doctor is more concerned for a friend
  • 5D.
    The Androids Of Tara
    Romana becomes the centre of a plan by Grendel to take the throne of Tara
  • 5E.
    The Power Of Kroll
    The Doctor and Romana are caught in a feud between refiners and Swampies
  • 5F.
    The Armageddon Factor
    The Black Guardian attempts to take the Key to Time from the Doctor

Season Seventeen

  • 5J.
    Destiny Of The Daleks
    Davros could be the Daleks' way to break a stalemate in their war with the Movellans
  • 5H.
    City Of Death
    Before life began on Earth a Jaggaroth spacecraft exploded, splintering Scaroth through time
  • 5G.
    The Creature From The Pit
    Adastra, fearing her monopoly on metals may be threatened imprisons a Tythonus ambassador
  • MA.
    The Romance Of Crime
    Which old enemies of the Doctor are aboard a spaceship on its way to the Rock?
  • MA.
    The English Way Of Death
    The TARDIS warns of time pollution in the summer of 1930, London
  • 5K.
    Nightmare Of Eden
    A freak accident causes two ships to become locked together after emerging from Hyperspace
  • 5L.
    Horns Of Nimon
    The Nimon promise to restore the Skonnons empire as long as they continue to be supplied
  • 5M.
    Skagra plans to learn the location of Shada and exploit the mental powers of Salyavin
  • PDA.
    Festival Of Death
    The Beautiful Death where you can find out what it's like experience death
  • MA.
    The Well-Mannered War
    Two factions claim the colony of Metralubit; in 200 years not one shot has been fired in anger

Season Eighteen

  • 5N.
    The Leisure Hive
    The Leisure Hive, home to the sinister Tachyon Recreation Generator
  • 5Q.
    Meglos, afer creating a duplicate of the Doctor, plans to destroy the planet of Tigella
  • 5R.
    Full Circle
    On Alzarius, in E-Space, evolution turns full circle every fifty years
  • 5P.
    State Of Decay
    Vampires, the enemy of the Time Lords, try to revive the Great One
  • 5S.
    Warriors' Gate
    The TARDIS is hijacked by a time-sensitive Tharil, Biroc
  • 5T.
    The Keeper Of Traken
    The Master, after using all his regenerations, tries to steal the Keeper's power
  • PDA.
    Oxford, AD 1278: A friar has gone missing, and there's a travelling showman calling himself the Doctor.
  • 5V.
    The Master disturbs the balance on Logopolis starting the end of the Universe