Alien species

  • Androgums
    A very strong primitive humanoid race often used for labour
  • Autons
    Autons, animated plastic shop mannequins
  • Bannermen
    A humanoid species locked in conflict with the Chimerons
  • Cheetah People
    Humanoid Cheetah's who travel between worlds to hunt
  • Chimerons
    Humanoid species being persecuted by the Bannermen
  • Cybermen
    Cybermen - the result of body part replacement
  • Daleks
    The most feared creatures in the Universe
  • Haemavores
    Future evolution of humans from a poisoned Earth
  • Kitlings
    Cats used by the Cheetah People when hunting for prey
  • Krynoids
    Nomadic plant that can turn all plant life against animal life on a planet
  • Lakertyans
    Laid back natives of Lakertya
  • Mandrels
    The unexpected source of the drug Vraxoin
  • Mentors
    Slug like creatures from a fluorescent planet
  • Sontarans
    Sontarans, a squat species with a head like a potato, from the planet Sontar
  • Terileptils
    A group of escaped prisoners planning to colonise Earth
  • Tetraps
    Large humanoid creatures being used by the Rani
  • The Nestene Consciousness
    The controlling force behind the Autons
  • Varosians
    Varosians, descendants of a human prison colony