LL. Doctor Who - The Evil Of The Daleks

Season Four (continued)

Story Editor: Gerry Davis (1-3), Peter Bryant (4-7); Writer: David Whitaker; Produced by: Innes Lloyd; Director: Derek Martinus; Designer: Chris Thompson; Incidental Music: Dudley Simpson; Music played by: The Alec Firman Ensemble (uncredited); Fight Arranger: Peter Diamond (uncredited);

Following on from the previous adventure the Doctor and Jamie are trying to trace the TARDIS after it was driven away on the back of a lorry. The TARDIS has been stolen by antiques dealer Edward Waterfield, and the Doctor gets suspicious about antiques that look too new.

The Doctor and Jamie are lead into a trap and are taken back in time to 1867 where they find that Waterfield and his associate, Theodore Maxtible, have a found a way to travel back in time. During an experiment with the time travel machine a Dalek appeared.

The Daleks have kidnapped Waterfield's daughter, Victoria, and are forcing him to work for them. They plan to isolate the human factor which allows humans to always defeat the Daleks. The Doctor extracts this and implants into three Daleks, and the result is three friendly and playful Daleks.

The Daleks take the Doctor back to Skaro, and the Doctor learns the Daleks' real aim is to implant humans with the Dalek factor. The Doctor manages to implant the human factor into more Daleks and a civil war breaks out in which the Daleks are apparently destroyed. Waterfield is killed by the Daleks, and the Doctor offers Victoria a place aboard the TARDIS.

Regular cast

Jamie McCrimmon: Frazer Hines; Victoria Waterfield: Deborah Watling;

Guest cast

Edward Waterfield: John Bailey; Daleks: Murphy Grumbar (6-7), Robert Jewell, John Scott Martin (5-7), Gerald Taylor (3-7); Dalek Voices: Peter Hawkins (2-7), Roy Skelton (1,5-7); Kennedy: Griffith Davies (1-2); Keith Parry: Geoffrey Colville (1-2); Bob Hall: Alec Ross (1); Theodore Maxtible: Marius Goring (2-7); Ruth Maxtible: Brigit Forsyth (2-5); Toby: Windsor Davies (2-4); Kemel: Sonny Caldinez (3-7); Arthur Terrall: Gary Watson (3-7);
Uncredited cast: Policeman: Barry Ashton (1); Driver: Len Russell (1); Girls in Mini-Kilts: Petal Brown (1), Gillian Toll (1); Extras in Tricolour coffee bar: (all 1) Michael Brown, John Hanson, Tova Johannessen, Pat Macaulay, Judy Nicholls; Dalek Extra: Ken Tyllsen; Extra: Barry Ashton;

First showing

Channel Episode Title Date Viewers Position
BBC 1163Episode 1Sat 20 May 19676:00 pm - 6:25 pm8.1M37th
BBC 1164Episode 2Sat 27 May 19676:00 pm - 6:25 pm7.5M57th
BBC 1165Episode 3Sat 3 June 19676:00 pm - 6:25 pm6.1M61st
BBC 1166Episode 4Sat 10 June 19676:00 pm - 6:25 pm5.3M51st
BBC 1167Episode 5Sat 17 June 19676:00 pm - 6:25 pm5.1M62nd
BBC 1169Episode 7Sat 1 July 19676:00 pm - 6:25 pm6.1M50th
BBC 1168Episode 6Sun 24 September 19676:00 pm - 6:25 pm6.8M38th

Repeats (on the BBC)

Outside filming

Grims Dyke Hotel, Harrow Weald, Middlesex; RAF Northolt, Kendal Avenue, London; Warehouse Lane, London;

Studio filming

Ealing Television Film Studios; Lime Grove Studio D;

Bloopers and mistakes

This programme has no bloopers or mistakes. It's probably not perfect, just that they haven't been found or pointed out yet.

Notes and trivia

Part three was the last episode to be script edited by Gerry Davis, who was replaced by Peter Bryant for the rest of the story.

This story was the first to be repeated in its entirety; the repeat started after the end of season five and was given an extra linking scene explaining that the Doctor was showing his new companion, Zoe, one of his past adventures to warn her of the dangers of travelling with him.

Working titles

War Of The Daleks; Episode 1: To Set A Trap; Episode 2: The Net Tightens; Episode 3: A Trial Of Strength; Episode 4: A Test Of Skill; Episode 5: The Human Factor; Episode 7: The End Of The Daleks;