Doctor Who Jon Pertwee
1970 - 1974

I've reversed the polarity of the neutron flow, so the TARDIS should be free of the force field now.

Third Doctor

The Five Doctors

Season Seven

Season Eight

  • EEE.
    Terror Of The Autons
    The Nestene Consciousness tries to invade again with help from the Master
  • FFF.
    The Mind Of Evil
    The Master uses a machine to increase negative emotions in inmates at a prison
  • GGG.
    The Claws Of Axos
    A group of stranded aliens offer Earth a substance that appears to be the answer to many problems
  • HHH.
    Colony In Space
    The Time Lords send the Doctor and Jo on a mission to retrieve a file stolen by the Master
  • JJJ.
    The Dæmons
    The Master summons a dæmon, Azal, in the hope of receiving Azal's powers

Season Nine

  • KKK.
    Day Of The Daleks
    Guerillas from the Dalek controlled future travel back in time to alter the future
  • PDA.
    The Face Of The Enemy
    Earth's only hope may lie with its worst enemy, the Master
  • MMM.
    The Curse Of Peladon
    Peladon is looking to join the Federation, but someone is determined this will not happen
  • LLL.
    The Sea Devils
    The Master, even though he is in prison, helps the Sea Devils to revive
  • PDA.
    Deadly Reunion
    A sinister cult prepares for the day of reckoning - business as usual for U.N.I.T.
  • NNN.
    The Mutants
    The Time Lords send the Doctor and Jo on a mission to deliver a sealed message pod
  • OOO.
    The Time Monster
    The Master tries to go back in time and steal the Crystal of Kronos
  • PDA.
    As a spirit of Anarchy spreads across Britain the Doctor defends against the Ragman

Season Ten

  • PDA.
    Creatures in a craft orbiting Earth are determined to infiltrate 1970's Earth
  • RRR.
    The Three Doctors
    The first three Doctors are called upon to fight Omega
  • PDA.
    The Wages Of Sin
    On a TARDIS test flight the Doctor, Jo and Liz Shaw end up in Russia in 1916
  • PDA.
    The Suns Of Caresh
    In Israel an archaeological dig unearths something that should have stayed buried
  • PPP.
    Carnival Of Monsters
    The TARDIS lands inside a Miniscope where specimens are held in a loop
  • QQQ.
    Frontier In Space
    2450: the Master has been using Ogrons to provoke war between Earth and Draconia
  • SSS.
    Planet Of The Daleks
    The Daleks are on Spiridon trying to learn the secret of invisibility
  • NV.
    The Doctor and Jo arrive on Verd and find themselves involved in the events of Perihelion
  • MA.
    Dancing The Code
    A machine capable of showing the future reveals Brigadier will kill both the Doctor and Jo
  • PDA.
    A peace-loving race are being exploited by immoral Earth colonists
  • MA.
    Speed Of Flight
    The TARDIS lands on Nooma, a world in the midst of an industrial revolution
  • PDA.
    Last Of The Gadarene
    The Doctor finds himself involved in a race to prevent a colonisation by the last of Gaderene
  • TTT.
    The Green Death
    People welcome Global Chemical's new refinery, but not the giant maggots

Season Eleven

  • UUU.
    The Time Warrior
    A Sontaran in the past is kidnapping scientists from the present
  • MA.
    The Paradise Of Death
    The Doctor and U.N.I.T. are called in to investigate a grisly murder at a futuristic theme park
  • WWW.
    Invasion Of The Dinosaurs
    On returning to twentieth century Earth the Doctor and Sarah find that London is deserted
  • XXX.
    Death To The Daleks
    Anyone landing on Exxilon face a power drain; even the Daleks
  • MA.
    The Ghosts Of N-Space
    In a castle in Italy the castle's ghosts are joined by less than benign spectres
  • YYY.
    The Monster Of Peladon
    Fifty years after the Doctor's previous vist the Ice Warriors are at war with the Federation
  • PDA.
    Amorality Tale
    The Doctor and Sarah battle gangsters in a smog-bound 1950's London
  • ZZZ.
    Planet Of The Spiders
    Using meditations the Giant Spiders form a bridge from Metebilis 3 to Earth