JJ. Doctor Who - The Macra Terror

Season Four (continued)

Story Editor: Gerry Davis; Writer: Ian Stuart Black; Produced by: Innes Lloyd; Director: John Davies; Designer: Kenneth Sharp; Incidental Music: Dudley Simpson; Jugles: Wilfred Jones (uncredited);

The TARDIS materialises on a planet where the Earth colony is run more like a holiday camp. The Doctor learns from a man named Medok that at night the colony is being infiltrated.

The Doctor finds that the infiltrators are in fact the Macra who have taken over the human colonists and are using them to mine gas that is necessary for their survival.

The Doctor is imprisoned, and Ben falls under the influence of the Macra. It is left to Jamie and Polly to free the others before they to succumb to the Macra.

Under the guidance of the Doctor, Ben destroys the gas pumping equipment, destroying the Macra and freeing the colonists.

Regular cast

Ben Jackson: Michael Craze; Polly Wright: Anneke Wills; Jamie McCrimmon: Frazer Hines;

Guest cast

Pilot: Peter Jeffrey; Ola: Gertan Klauber; Controller: Graham Leaman; Macra Operator: Robert Jewell; Medok: Terence Lodge (1-3); Control Voice: Denis Goacher (1-3); Broadcast Voice: Richard Beale (1-3); Sunnae: June Enshawe (1,4); Chicki: Sandra Bryant (1); Drum Majorette: Maureen Lane (1,4); Alvis: Anthony Gardner (1); Barney: Graham Armitage (1); Questa: Ian Fairbarn (1); Official: John Harvey (3-4); Guards: (all 4) John Caeser, Steve Emerson, Danny Rae; Cheerleaders: (all 4) Ralph Carrigan, Roger Jerome, Terry Wright;
Uncredited cast: Pilot's Secretary: Linda Reynolds; Scientist: Paul Philips; Girl: Nina Huby; Band: Fiona Frazer, Avril Gaynor, Maris Hendrick, Janice Hoy, Jill Paris, Amanda Scott; Dancers: Joe Finlay, Maureen Hillman, Sheelah McGrath, Ted Merwood, Judy Nichols, Anthony Rayner; Citizens: Bill Beesley, Deryn Fisher, George Gibbs, Edwina King, Leonard Kingston, Maureen Morris, Leslie Pitt; Mine Workers: Walter Henry, Maureen Hillman, Leonard Kingston, Sheelah McGrath, Judy Nichols, Anthony Rayner, Tony Starr, Alan Troy;

First showing

Channel Episode Title Date Viewers Position
BBC 1153Episode 1Sat 11 March 19675:50 pm - 6:15 pm8.0M37th
BBC 1154Episode 2Sat 18 March 19675:50 pm - 6:15 pm7.9M42nd
BBC 1155Episode 3Sun 26 March 19675:50 pm - 6:15 pm8.8M45th
BBC 1156Episode 4Sat 1 April 19675:50 pm - 6:15 pm8.4M39th

Outside filming

Brighton Rubbish Tip, East Sussex; Dunstable;

Studio filming

Ealing Television Film Studios; Lime Grove Studio D;

Bloopers and mistakes

This programme has no bloopers or mistakes. It's probably not perfect, just that they haven't been found or pointed out yet.

Notes and trivia

This story was the first to use a new title sequence, again by an uncredited Bernard Lodge.

Working titles

The Spidermen;