Doctor Who David Tennant
2005 - 2010

Correctomundo. A word I have never used and hopefully never will again.

The Tenth Doctor

School Reunion



  • 1.
    New Earth
    The Doctor and Rose stumble upon a "plague farm" in the far future
  • TDA.
    The Resurrection Casket
    The Doctor and Rose join the hunt for the Resurrection Casket
  • TDA.
    The Stone Rose
    Mickey discovers a 2000 year old statue of Rose
  • TDA.
    The Feast Of The Drowned
    The brother of Rose's friend dies on a naval crusier, but returns as a ghost
  • 2.
    Tooth And Claw
    Scotland, 1879: The Doctor must protect Queen Victoria from a werewolf
  • 3.
    School Reunion
    The Doctor is reunited with old friends Sarah Jane Smith and K9
  • 4.
    The Girl In The Fireplace
    A spaceship from the 51st century is stalking a girl from the 18th
  • 5.
    Rise of the Cybermen
    The Doctor and Rose face the terrifying Cybermen on an alternate Earth
  • 6.
    The Age Of Steel
    The Doctor and Rose face the terrifying Cybermen on an alternate Earth
  • 7.
    The Idiot's Lantern
    England during the 1950's and an unusual sort of alien intelligence that travels through the airwaves
  • 8.
    The Impossible Planet
    The Doctor and Rose visit a nightmarish alien world
  • 9.
    The Satan Pit
    The Doctor and Rose visit a nightmarish alien world
  • TDA.
    The Nightmare Of Black Island
    An ancient evil is causing nightmares for children of a Welsh village
  • TDA.
    The Art Of Destruction
    In a dormant volcano in Africa an alien trap is being sprung
  • TDA.
    The Price Of Paradise
    A race against time to find a cure for a sick planet
  • 10.
    Love & Monsters
    An offbeat episode featuring the Abzorbaloff, a creature created by a Blue Peter viewer
  • 11.
    Fear Her
    In the run up to the Olympics a child is making people disappear
  • 12.
    Army Of Ghosts
    The Cybermen have crossed through the void from a parallel universe
  • 13.
    The Daleks have emerged after hiding in the void between universes
  • 14.
    The Runaway Bride
    Soon after the Doctor says his final goodbye to Rose a mysterious bride appears inside the TARDIS


  • 1.
    Smith And Jones
    The Doctor, posing as a patient, meets trainee doctor Martha Jones
  • 2.
    The Shakespeare Code
    The Doctor takes Martha for a trip into the past to meet William Shakespeare
  • 3.
    In the far future, in New Earth, people are trapped in a perpetual roundabout
  • TDA.
    Sting Of The Zygons
    The Lake District has been terrorised by a giant, scaly monster
  • TDA.
    The Last Dodo
    The Doctor and Martha go in search of a real live dodo
  • TDA.
    Wooden Heart
    The Doctor and Martha explore a deserted startship - but they may not be alone
  • 4.
    Daleks In Manhattan
    In 1930's New York the Daleks of the Cult of Skaro are experimenting on humans
  • 5.
    Evolution Of The Daleks
    The Doctor must enter an unholy alliance to change the shape of Dalek history
  • TDA.
    Sick Building
    On Tiermann's World the Doctor and Martha try to warn the family there about a terrible danger
  • TDA.
    Forever Autumn
    Near Halloween nightmarish creatures start to prowl the streets of a New England town
  • TDA.
    The TARDIS lands, and sinks, in the swamps of the planet Sunday
  • 6.
    The Lazarus Experiment
    Professor Lazarus has created a device that can extend life
  • 7.
    The TARDIS materialises on a spaceship that is hurtling towards the sun
  • TDA.
    The Pirate Loop
    The TARDIS materialises on the Starship Brilliant so he can find out what happened to it...
  • TDA.
    Wishing Well
    Something is hiding beneath a village well - and what will be the consequences when it awakes?
  • TDA.
    In 1880s American West the Doctor and Martha learn of a snake-oil salesman whose medicines actually cure
  • 8.
    Human Nature
    To hide from 'the Family' the Doctor must become human
  • 9.
    The Family Of Blood
    The Family arrive on Earth to look for a Time Lord
  • 10.
    Whatever you do - don't blink
  • 11.
    At the end of the Universe a group of humans is waiting to travel to Utopia
  • 12.
    The Sound Of Drums
    The Master returns to Earth and becomes the new Prime Minister of Britain
  • 13.
    Last Of The Time Lords
    The Master has taken over Earth, but the Doctor has been playing a waiting game
  • 14.
    Time Crash: Children In Need Special
    The Doctor meets a previous regeneration in the TARDIS
  • 15.
    Voyage Of The Damned
    The Doctor spends Christmas on board the Titanic in space


  • 4.1.
    Partners In Crime
    Donna Noble investigates Adipose Industries, trying to find the Doctor
  • 4.2.
    The Fires Of Pompeii
    In Pompeii, AD79, the Doctor and Donna face a moral crisis
  • 4.3.
    Planet Of The Ood
    On the Oods' home planet the Doctor and Donna find out the truth of the Ood-sphere
  • 4.4.
    The Sontaran Stratagem
    The Sontarans use a human from Earth to create a system to alter Earth's atmosphere
  • 4.5.
    The Poison Sky
    The Sontarans continue to convert Earth's atmosphere to create a breeding planet for their clones
  • 4.6.
    The Doctor's Daughter
    In a war between the humans and the Hath the Doctor meets his daughter
  • 4.7.
    The Unicorn And The Wasp
    In 1926 the Doctor and Donna meet Agatha Christie
  • 4.8.
    Silence In The Library
    In an empty library a deadly swarm hides in the shadows
  • 4.9.
    Forest Of The Dead
    The Doctor finds out what happened to the 4,022 people who were in the library at the time of the attack
  • 4.10.
    The Doctor takes an eventful trip over the planet of Midnight
  • 4.11.
    Turn Left
    Donna finds out how a simple decision can destroy her world
  • 4.12.
    The Stolen Earth
    Earth, along with 26 other planets, are missing., and the Doctor doesn't know where they are
  • 4.13.
    Journey's End
    Companions are prepared to kill to stop Davros and the Daleks from destroying reality
  • 4.14.
    The Next Doctor
    Cybermen are planning to take over Victorian London, and only two people can save it: the Doctor