Doctor Who William Hartnell
1963 - 1966

One day, I shall come back. Yes, I shall come back. Until then there must be no regrets. No tears. No anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs, and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine.

The First Doctor

The Dalek Invasion Of Earth

Season One - 1963/1964

  • NV.
    The Doctor and Susan find themselves in the middle of war they cannot understand
  • NV.
    Time And Relative
    The winter of 1962/1963 brings a big freeze, and with it a far greater menace
  • A.
    An Unearthly Child
    When two teachers force their way into the TARDIS the Doctor decides it is time to leave Earth
  • B.
    The Daleks
    The TARDIS crew arrive on a radioative world home to two races
  • C.
    The Edge Of Destruction
    The TARDIS is on course for Event One - the big bang
  • D.
    Marco Polo
    Central Asia, 1289: The Doctor gambles, and loses, the TARDIS to the Kublai Kahn
  • MA.
    The Sorcerer's Apprentice
    The Doctor does not believe in magic, but the planet of Elbyon disagrees
  • E.
    The Keys Of Marinus
    The Doctor and his companions are forced to search for operating keys on Marinus
  • F.
    The Aztecs
    Barbara attemepts to use her new status as a High Priest to alter human history
  • G.
    The Sensorites
    The Sensorites, wary of explotation, kidnapy three humans, the Doctor and his companions
  • H.
    The Reign Of Terror
    1794: The TARDIS materlialises near Paris during the French Revolution
  • PDA.
    City At World's End
    The Doctor and his companions land in the city of Arkhaven; a city facing destruction
  • PDA.
    The Witch Hunters
    Salem, 1692: Susan's latent telepathy threatens to escalate the Salem witch trials
  • PDA.
    The Time Travellers
    The TARDIS materialises in London 2006, but this isn't the city they knew. London is a ruin...

Season Two - 1964/1965

  • J.
    Planet Of Giants
    Arriving on Earth the Doctor and his companions find they have been shrunk
  • K.
    The Dalek Invasion Of Earth
    The Daleks have enslaved Earth and plan to replace the magnetic core with a drive mechanism
  • MA.
    Venusian Lullaby
    Venus is dying, but the Venusians are offered salvation - at the expense of the huamn race
  • L.
    The Rescue
    The TARDIS crew find a crashed space-craft with two survivors - but one is a murderer
  • PDA.
    The Doctor and his companions arrive in Byzantium to view the civilisation of the Roman Empire
  • M .
    The Romans
    Whilst on holiday in Rome, 64A.D., things go wrong for the TARDIS crew
  • PDA.
    The Eleventh Tiger
    China, 1865: Trying to maintain order are the British Empire, and the Ten Tigers...
  • N.
    The Web Planet
    The TARDIS is drawn to the planet Vortis, the web planet, by a strange force
  • P.
    The Crusade
    The TARDIS materialises in the midst of the harsh, cruel world of the 12th century Crudaes
  • Q.
    The Space Museum
    The Doctor and his companions must change the future to avoid becoming museum exhibits
  • MA.
    The Plotters
    The Doctor investigates strange goings-on at the court of King James VI
  • R.
    The Chase
    The Doctor tried to outrun a group of Daleks who are pursuing in their own time machine
  • S.
    The Time Meddler
    The Doctor is concerned when he dicsovers anachronistic objects in 1066 A.D.
  • MA.
    The Empire Of Glass
    The Doctor mediates at an interplanetary peace conference in seventeenth century Venice

Season Three - 1965 - 1966

  • T.
    Galaxy Four
    The Doctor finds two species have crashed on a planet that soon self-destruct
  • T/A.
    Mission To The Unknown
    A Space Security Agent is on Kembel to investigate a possible Dalek spacecraft slighting
  • U.
    The Myth Makers
    Near the city of Troy, on the plains of Asia Minor, the Doctor is hailed as the god Zeus
  • V.
    The Daleks' Masterplan
    The TARDIS materialises on the planet Kembel several months after the death of Marc Cory
  • W.
    The Massacre
    1572: The TARDIS materialises in Paris a day before the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre
  • PDA.
    The Doctor and his companions encounter gods in New York offering salvation
  • X.
    The Ark
    When Dodo's cold infects the humans on an Ark the Monoid slaves stage an uprising
  • Y.
    The Celestial Toymaker
    The TARDIS materialises in a strange domain presided over by the Toymaker
  • Z.
    The Gunfighters
    The Doctor, suffering from toothache, visits Tombstone, 1881, to find a dentist
  • PDA.
    Bunker Soldiers
    An alien warrior awakes in medieval Kiev
  • AA.
    The Savages
    The Doctor and his companions help Savages co-exist with Elders
  • MA.
    The Man In The Velvet Mask
    The TARDIS lands in what appears to be post-revolutinary France...
  • BB.
    The War Machines
    A computer that thinks for itself considers itself superior to humans

Season Four - 1966

  • CC.
    The Smugglers
    In the 17th century the Doctor is captured by pirates looking for treasure
  • PDA.
    Ten Little Aliens
    During a training exercise soldiers start disappearing after discovering ten alien bodies
  • DD.
    The Tenth Planet
    The Cybermen launch the first of many attacks on Earth