Terra Alpha

Alien worlds

  • Alzarius
    Alzarius, a planet in another Universe that has a unique form of evolution
  • Androzani Minor
    Androzani Minor is a world where the drug spectrox is in high demand
  • Atrios
    Atrios, a world that was locked into a war with Zeos
  • Calufrax
    Calufrax, a planet that was an integral part of the Key To Time
  • Castrovalva
    Castrovalva, a fictional world created by the Master as a trap for the Doctor
  • Delta 3
    Site of a Methane refinery and the fifth segment of the Key To Time
  • Lakertya
    A desolate planet from which the Rani planned to launch a rocket
  • Paradise Towers
    A shopping and residential complex designed by the Great Architect
  • Planet Of The Cheetah People
    A desert world in danger of blowing up
  • Ravolox
    Earth after it was moved more than two light years through space by the Time Lords
  • Skaro
    Skaro, the radioactive home world of the dreaded Daleks, and also the peaceful Thals
  • Telos
    Telos - one of the homes of the Cybermen
  • Terra Alpha
    One of a number of Earth colonies of the future
  • The Death Zone
    An area of Gallifrey where ancient Time Lords kidnapped alien species to fight
  • The Matrix
    A virtual environment and repository of all Time Lord knowledge and experiences
  • Thoros Beta
    Thoros Beta, the fluorescent home of the Mentors
  • Varos
    Varos, a former prisoner colony