Doctor Who Paul McGann

Grace: I thought you were a doctor.
The Doctor: I thought you were a doctor.

Doctor Grace Holloway and the Eighth Doctor

The TV Movie

TV Appearances

  • TVM.
    TV Movie (Enemy Within)
    The Master plans to use the Eye of Harmony to steal the Doctor's remaining lives
  • NOTD.
    Night Of The Doctor
    The Doctor crashes and dies on Karn, but the Sisterhood offer one more regeneration

Audio Adventures

  • 8B.
    Storm Warning
    October 1930: The airship R101 flies into history, and the future of the galaxy hangs by a thread
  • 8C.
    Sword of Orion
    In the dark recesses of the Garazone System the Cybermen receive a reactivation signal
  • 8D.
    The Stones of Venice
    Venice, far in the future, prepares to sink beneath the waters for the last time
  • 8E.
    Minuet In Hell
    At the beginning of the 21st century Melabogia celebrates as the newest state of America
  • 8F.
    Invaders From Mars
    What if listeners of 'War of the Worlds' weren't just imagining things?
  • 8G.
    The Chimes Of Midnight
    The Doctor and Charley play detective to murders where the victims don't stay dead
  • 8H.
    Seasons Of Fear
    A stranger wants to meet the Doctor; to him the Doctor is an enemy he killed years ago
  • 8J.
    Embrace The Darkness
    In a fight for survival, the Doctor must use all his wits against a deadly artificial life-form
  • 8K.
    The Time Of The Daleks
    The Daleks just want to help. Which the Doctor know is utterly impossible.
  • 8L.
    The Doctor holds the Time Lords' only hope - but exactly what what lengths will the Celestial Intervention Agency go to?
  • 8M.
    A legend from a Gallifreyan nursery rhyme takes over the Doctor
  • 8N.
    There were two friends, and together they travelled the cosmos. But every good story has to come to an end...
  • 8P.
    The Creed Of The Kromon
    The Interzone is a fearsome nether-world protecting a zone ruled by the Kromon who covet the TARDIS.

Telos Novellas

  • NV.
    Rip Tide
    Odd occurences in a Cornish village are investigated
  • NV.
    Fallen Gods
    Death and disaster is meted out by the Gods of ancient Akrotiri
  • NV.
    The Eye Of The Tyger
    The Doctor seeks for a cure to the Tyger-fever that has taken hold of a new companion

Virgin New Adventures

  • NA.
    The Dying Days
    British astronauts are walking on Mars for the first time in twenty years.

1997 BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures

  • EDA.
    The Eight Doctors
    The Doctor meets his past selves in an attempt to regain his memory
  • EDA.
    Vampire Science
    A war with vampires cost trillions of Time Lord lives; now they have been sighted in California
  • EDA.
    The Bodysnatchers
    The Zygons are stealing the dead bodies of Victorian London
  • EDA.
    There is the possibility of humanity's timeline being wiped out
  • EDA.
    War Of The Daleks
    The war between the Thals and the Daleks continues
  • EDA.
    Alien Bodies
    The Doctor and Sam attend an auction to bid for his corpse

1998 BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures

  • EDA.
    Kursaal will be a pleasure planet, if it is not destroyed during construction
  • EDA.
    Option Lock
    An alien intelligence threatens to provoke a nuclear war
  • EDA.
    Longest Day
    The Doctor loses Sam during a battle against the vicious Kusks
  • EDA.
    Legacy Of The Daleks
    England is slowly being rebuilt after the Dalek invasion, but not all Daleks were defeated
  • EDA.
    Dreamstone Moon
    The Doctor seeks Sam on a planet of dream-inducing crystals
  • EDA.
    Seeing I
    The Doctor is reunited with Sam after spending three years in jail
  • EDA.
    Placebo Effect
    The Wirrrn visit Micawbers World to spread their seed trhoughout a new galaxy
  • EDA.
    Vanderdeken's Children
    A derelict spacecraft causes confrontation betweem starships from rival systems
  • EDA.
    The Scarlet Empress
    The Doctor and Sam are caught in one of Iris Wildthyme's whimsical escipades
  • EDA.
    The Janus Conjunction
    The TARDIS lands on the war torn planet of Janus Prime
  • EDA.
    The Bel system is threatened by planet-sized aliens

1999 BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures

  • EDA.
    The Face Eater
    Natives and humans are being killed in one of Earth's earliest colonies
  • EDA.
    The Taint
    The TARDIS finally lands back on Earth, and straight into danger
  • EDA.
    The Vega Station, a haven and meeting place and pressure point
  • EDA.
    Revolution Man
    The Revolution Man is taking over Earth using the drug Om-Tsar
  • EDA.
    Something unusual - and dangerous - is afoot in Sweden, 1999
  • EDA.
    Unnatural History
    San Francisco is threatened by the fallout of the Eighth Doctor's first visit
  • EDA.
    Autumn Mist
    The travellers must seek out the truth on a battlefield where nothing is as it seems
  • EDA.
    Interference Book One
    Sam has just become a minor player in a million year old power struggle
  • EDA.
    Interference Book Two
    Past is meeting the present, cause meeting effect with the TARDIS crew in the crossfire
  • EDA.
    The Blue Angel
    The King of the Valcean City of Glass awaits the return of his angel son
  • EDA.
    The Taking Of Planet 5
    he TARDIS arrives in the midst of a battle between the Time Lords and the Enemy
  • EDA.
    Frontier Worlds
    An alien organism that threatens to snuff out Drebnar's solar system is being exploited

2000 BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures

  • EDA.
    Parallel 59
    Fitz becomes trapped in an artificial reality
  • EDA.
    The Shadows Of Avalon
    When the Brigadier leads an attack on another dimension, it's time to bid goodbye to an old friend
  • EDA.
    The Fall Of Yquatine
    The planet Yquatine is attacked by deadly space aliens
  • EDA.
    The Compassion crew must save a planet from its icy heart
  • EDA.
    The Space Age
    Compassion lands on a planet inhabited by Mods and Rockers
  • EDA.
    The Banquo Legacy
    A Time Lord agent hunts the Doctor and Compassion
  • EDA.
    The Ancestor Cell
    The identity of the Enemy is revealed when the Faction Paradox attack Gallifrey's history
  • EDA.
    The Burning
    An amnesiac Doctor stumbles into a small town threatened by living fire
  • EDA.
    Casualties Of War
    In the North Yorkshire village of Hawkswick, it seems that the dead won't stay down
  • EDA.
    The Turing Test
    Graham Greene, Alan Turing and Joseph Heller are all cauht up in the Doctor's attempt to flee Earth
  • EDA.
    The Doctor is bored by his life on Earth
  • EDA.
    Father Time
    The Doctor adopts a young girl who turns out to be the empress of the Universe

2001 BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures

  • EDA.
    Escape Velocity
    The Doctor, Fitz and newcomer Anji escape Earth in a regenerated TARDIS
  • EDA.
    The TARDIS is supposed to be in 2001 Soho, so why are there dinosaurs outside?
  • EDA.
    Vanishing Point
    The TARDIS crew find themselves in the hunt for a murdered who cannot possibly exist
  • EDA.
    Eater Of Wasps
    The sleepy village of Marpling is about to get a rude awakening
  • EDA.
    The Year Of Intelligent Tigers
    The Doctor mediates between humans and tigers on the planet Hitchemus
  • EDA.
    The Slow Empire
    The TARDIS arrives in a region of space where the laws of physics have been overturned
  • EDA.
    Dark Progeny
    Psychic alien children haunt the Doctor
  • EDA.
    The City Of The Dead
    The Doctor must find out about the void that is hunting him... before he is caught
  • EDA.
    Grimm Reality
    he TARDIS lands on a world where the fairy tales are real
  • EDA.
    The Adventuress Of Henrietta Street
    The Doctor takes up residence in a brothel

2002 BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures

  • EDA.
    Mad Dogs And Englishmen
    The 100th BBC Doctor Who book
  • EDA.
    Even the Doctor cannot find any possibility of redemption for the city of Hope
  • EDA.
    The TARDIS crew arrive in the middle of a time war
  • EDA.
    Trading Futures
    In 21st century there is no-one left for the US and the Eurozone to fight, except each other
  • EDA.
    The Book Of The Still
    Rival forces hunt for a book that reveals the location of lost time travellers
  • EDA.
    The Crooked World
    A cartoon world is irrevocably altered by the arrival of the TARDIS crew
  • EDA.
    History 101
    Time begins to splinter as Sabbath's interference takes its toll
  • EDA.
    Camera Obscura
    The TARDIS crew work to unravel the latest threat to Time, before Time unravels
  • EDA.
    Time Zero
    Sabbath's plans for time threaten to make free will an illusion
  • EDA.
    The Infinity Race
    The TARDIS crew arrive for a race on the water planet of Selonart

2003 BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures

  • EDA.
    The Domino Effect
    The TARDIS crew arrive in a very different Edinburgh, 2003
  • EDA.
    Reckless Engineering
    The TARDIS crew travel back to Victorian Bristol and meet Isambard Kingdom Brunel
  • EDA.
    The Last Resort
    Good Times Inc. promises hotels in every major period of human history
  • EDA.
    The Doctor finally understands why 'our' universe is unique
  • EDA.
    Emotional Chemistry
    Can love, possibly one of the most destructive forces in the universe, bridge disparate events?

2004 BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures

  • EDA.
    Sometime Never...
    The Council of Eight map out every moment in history, but a rogue element could destroy their plans
  • EDA.
    'To lose two sets of memories smacks of carelessness.'
  • EDA.
    The Tomorrow Windows
    The Doctor, Fitz and Trix investigate a device that can provide a 'gist of things to come'
  • EDA.
    The Sleep Of Reason
    The near future: a man in a pshychiatric hospital claims to be a time traveller called 'the Doctor'
  • EDA.
    The Deadstone Memorial
    As every child knows, there are bad dreams. And bad dreams are where the monsters are

2005 BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures

  • EDA.
    To The Slaughter
    The solar system is being spring cleaned to improve its feng shui and attract big business
  • EDA.
    The Gallifrey Chronicles
    The man responsible for the death of the Time Lords has been tracked down and lured to Earth in the year 2005