Doctor Who Matt Smith
2010 - 2013

Didn't anyone ever tell you? There's one thing you never put in a trap. If you're smart, if you value your continued existence, if you have any plans about seeing tomorrow, there's one thing you never, ever, put in a trap. Me!

The Eleventh Doctor

The Time Of Angels


  • 5.1.
    The Eleventh Hour
    The Doctor investigates a crack in Amy's bedroom whilst remembering who he is
  • 5.2.
    The Beast Below
    Aboard the Starship UK what is the secret that Liz Ten keeps forgetting?
  • 5.3.
    Victory Of The Daleks
    The Doctor is summoned by an old friend, and meets an old enemy
  • 5.4.
    The Time Of Angels
    A ship crashes on a planet where the Weeping Angels were waiting
  • 5.5.
    Flesh And Stone
    The Doctor must stop an Angel from taking over Amy
  • 5.6.
    The Vampires Of Venice
    16th century Venice, sealed due to the plague. But something alien is living inside
  • 5.7.
    Amy's Choice
    Five years after Amy Pond last travelled with the Doctor he re-enters her life
  • 5.8.
    The Hungry Earth
    A drilling project in Wales: As the drills go down, something is coming up
  • 5.9.
    Cold Blood
    It seems humans are not ready for peace with the Silurians
  • 5.10.
    Vincent And The Doctor
    The Doctor notices a face in a Van Gogh painting and decides to pay him a visit
  • 5.11.
    The Lodger
    After the TARDIS disappears the Doctor becomes a lodger on Earth
  • 5.12.
    The Pandorica Opens
    All the enemies of the Doctor join together to lock away the most feared warrior in the Universe
  • 5.13.
    The Big Bang
    The Doctor must sacrife himself to restart the Universe. But will anyone remember?
  • 5.14.
    A Christmas Carol
    Rory and Amy are aboard a crashing spacecraft; to save it the Doctor must save a soul


2012 / 2013

  • 7.1.
    Asylum Of The Daleks
    The Daleks need the Doctor's help
  • 7.2.
    Dinosaurs On A Spaceship
    A spaceship, with dinosaurs on board, is on a collision course with Earth
  • 7.3.
    A Town Called Mercy
    A rogue cyborg tracks down the doctor who experimented on him
  • 7.4.
    The Power Of Three
    The Doctor spends time on Earth during a year long invasion
  • 7.5.
    The Angels Take Manhattan
    The Weeping Angels set up a farm in Manhattan with dangerous results
  • EDA.
    Dark Horizons
    The Doctor helps a group of people under attack from Vikings, and the burning
  • 7.6.
    The Snowmen
    2012 Christmas Special: The Doctor comes out of retirement to save Earth after meeting a curious woman
  • EDA.
    The Silurian Gift
    The Doctor investigates one man's claim to have solved Earth's fuel crisis
  • EDA.
    Plague Of The Cybermen
    The residents of a 19th century village are suffering from some kind of plague
  • EDA.
    The Dalek Generation
    The Doctor is suspicious of any world that thinks the Daleks are a force for good
  • 7.7.
    The Bells Of Saint John
    Something is harvesting human souls thorugh the Wi-Fi and storing them in the cloud
  • 7.8.
    The Rings Of Akhaten
    An Old God awakens and threatens to devour the souls of the local population
  • 7.9.
    Cold War
    A lone Ice Warrior awakens after 5,000 years on a submarine
  • 7.10.
    The Doctor and Clara help a psychic to save a woman from a collapsing universe
  • 7.11.
    Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS
    The TARDIS is on the brink of an explosion after hit by a salvage vessel
  • 7.12.
    The Crimson Horror
    In Victorian Yorkshire bodies are turning up in the canal, and they are red
  • 7.13.
    Nightmare In Silver
    The Doctor and Clara find an old menace in a galactic theme park
  • 7.14.
    The Name Of The Doctor
    The Doctor is forced to visit Trenzalore... and his tomb
  • EDA.
    Shroud Of Sorrow
    The day after the assassination of John F. Kennedy people begin to see faces of the dead in everyday objects
  • 50TH.
    The Day Of The Doctor
    50th Anniversary Special - The Doctor sees what will become of him if he destroys Gallifrey
  • 7.15.
    The Time Of The Doctor
    The Doctor's enemies are drawn to a message emitting from a backwater planet