Sergeant Paterson


  • Ange
    Friend of Ace who remained in Perivale when others were disappearing
  • Beyus
    Leader of the Lakertyans
  • Brain
    The Brain, used by the Rani to calculate the right launch time and trajectory for her missile
  • Chang-Lee
    Chang-Lee unwittingly helped the Master to try to steal the Doctor's remaining regenerations
  • Channing
    Channing, a figurehead for the first Auton Invasion
  • Davros
    Kaled scientist and creator of the Daleks
  • Diana Goddard
    Personal assistant to Henry van Statten
  • Faroon
    Wife of Beyus who often relayed messages to the Lakertyans
  • Fifi
    A savage pet belonging to Helen A.
  • Harriet Jones
    Minister, and later Prime Minister, of the United Kingdom
  • Helen A
    The ruler of the Terra Alpha colony who insisted everyone should be happy
  • Henry Van Statten
    An alien collector with a unique item in his collection
  • Ikona
    A rebel Lakertyan who was prepared to fight against the Rani
  • Karra
    A Cheetah Person saved and befriended by Ace
  • Lytton
    Lytton, a mercenary for hire who worked for the Daleks and against the Cybermen
  • Mentalis
    A computer designed and built to fight a war
  • Midge
    Friend of Ace who was possessed by the Cheetah People
  • Rassilon
    Regarded as the greatest single figure in Time Lord history
  • Sarn
    Daughter of Beyus and Faroon, kidnapped by the Rani
  • Sergeant Paterson
    A self-defence instructor who needed help defending himself
  • Shreela
    Friend of Ace who was taken to the planet of the Cheetah People
  • Sil
    Sil, one of the evil Mentors
  • Simmons
    One of Van Statten's men who was in charge of the Metaltron
  • Squeak
    Sister of Midge and left alone when the Master killed her family
  • The Malus
    The Malus, a representation of the devil
  • The Master
    The Master, another renegade Time Lord
  • The Rani
    The Rani, a renegade Time Lady from Gallifrey
  • The Valeyard
    The dark side of the Doctor, somewhere between the twelfth and thirteenth regenerations
  • Urak
    Urak was the leader of the Tetraps controlled by the Rani