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Ninth Doctor

The End Of The World

Doctor Who In Detail is a guide to the long running BBC Television programme Doctor Who. The first episode was broadcast in 1963, and the programme celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013, making Doctor Who the longest running science fiction television programme.

So far twelve actors have portrayed the role of the Doctor (or thirteen if you count John Hurt as the War Doctor) in the televsion series (excluding stand-ins), with Peter Capaldi soon to appear in his third series in 2017.

On TV today 28 February 2017

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On this day 28 February

1970: Doctor Who And The Silurians: Episode Five: Creatures have been draining power from a secret atomic research centre
1976: The Seeds Of Doom: Part Five: When a Krynoid seed pod is stolen a Krynoid grows and threatens all animal life
1981: Logopolis: Part One: The Master disturbs the balance on Logopolis starting the end of the Universe
1992: The Mind Robber: Episode 5: The Doctor and his companions become trapped in a land of fiction
2014: The Eleventh Hour: The Doctor investigates a crack in Amy's bedroom whilst remembering who he is
2014: The Beast Below: Aboard the Starship UK what is the secret that Liz Ten keeps forgetting?