Grace: I thought you were a doctor.
The Doctor: I thought you were a doctor.

Doctor Grace Holloway and the Eighth Doctor

The TV Movie

Doctor Who In Detail is a guide to the long running BBC Television programme Doctor Who. The first episode was broadcast in 1963, and the programme celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013, making Doctor Who the longest running science fiction television programme.

So far twelve actors have portrayed the role of the Doctor (or thirteen if you count John Hurt as the War Doctor) in the televsion series (excluding stand-ins), with Peter Capaldi soon to appear in his third series in 2017.

On TV today 26 April 2017

No Doctor Who scheduled to be shown today.
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On this day 26 April

1969: The War Games: Episode 2: People have been kidnapped and set down in recreations of their own time zones to fight
1975: Revenge Of The Cybermen: Part Two: The Cybermen plan to destroy Voga, the planet of Gold, and the Vogans
2008: The Sontaran Stratagem: The Sontarans plan to invade Earth by making it uninhabitable by humans
2010: The Time Of Angels: A ship crashes on a planet where the Weeping Angels were waiting
2013: Hide: The Doctor and Clara help a psychic to save a woman from a collapsing universe