P. Doctor Who - The Crusade

Season Two

Story Editor: Dennis Spooner; Writer: David Whitaker; Director: Douglas Camfield; Produced by: Verity Lambert; Designer: Barry Newberry; Incidental Music: Dudley Simpson; Fight Arranger: Derek Ware (1);

A holy war is in progress in 12th century Palestine between the forces of King Richard the Lionheart and the Saracen ruler Saladin. Barbara is abducted by the Saracens, and the Doctor, Ian and Vicki manage to make their way to the King Richard's palace in Jaffa.

Ian is given leave to search for Barbara, and is knighted Sir Ian of Jaffa to fit him for the journey. The Doctor and Vicki remain behind with King Richard.

In order to bring the war to an end King Richard plans to marry his sister, Joanna, to the Saladin's brother, Sapadin. Joanna finds out about the proposal and refuses.

The Doctor and Vicki are forced to flee before being burnt at the stake after the Earl of Leicester proclaims them as sorcerers. Ian manages to rescue Barbara, and the four travellers meet up at the TARDIS, and narrowly escape the Earl of Leicester's men.

Regular cast

Barbara Wright: Jacqueline Hill; Ian Chesterton: William Russell; Vicki: Maureen O'Brien;

Guest cast

Richard The Lionheart: Julian Glover; El Akir: Walter Randall; Saphadin: Roger Avon (1-5); William Des Preaux: John Flint (1-2); Reyneir De Marun: David Anderson (1); William Torbeau: Bruce Wightman (1-2); Ben Daheer: Reg Pritchard (1-3); Thatcher: Tony Caunter (1); Saracen Warriors: Derek Ware (1), Valentino Musetti (1), Chris Konyils (2-4), Raymond Novak (2-4), Anthony Colby (3); Joanna: Jean Marsh (2-3); Chamberlain: Robert Lanksheer (2-3); Sheyrah: Zahra Segal (2); Luigi Ferrigo: Gabor Baraker (2); Haroun: George Little (3-4); Earl of Leicester: John Bay (3-4); Safiya: Petra Markham (3); Turkish Bandit: David Brewster (3); Maimuna: Sandra Hampton (4); Fatima: Viviane Sorrel (4); Hafsa: Diane McKenzie (4); Ibrahim: Tutte Lemkow (4); Man-At-Arms: Billy Cornelius (4);
Uncredited cast: Richard's Squire: Andy Brewer; Falconer: John Holmes; Priest: Rikki Paterson;; Knights: Michael Hart, Winston Marsh; Ladies In Waiting: Carole Brett, Maureen Lane; Concubines: Cicely Joseph, Mei Ling, Evelyn Ong, Celo Sylvestre; Men-At-Arms: John Galahar, Henry Garcia, Michael Guest, Walter Mann; Saracen Warriors: Sonny Caldinez, Roy Fletcher, Edward Haroutunian, Abbas Haschen, Oscar James, Peter Johnson, Chris Konyils, Raymond Novak, Sam Shedbury; Extra: Roy Stewart;

First showing

Channel Episode Title Date Viewers Position
BBC 167The War LordsFri 17 April 19645:40 pm - 6:05 pm9.5M27th
BBC 164The LionSat 27 March 19655:40 pm - 6:05 pm10.5M16th
BBC 165The Knight Of JaffaSat 3 April 19655:40 pm - 6:05 pm8.8M29th
BBC 166The Wheel Of FortuneSat 10 April 19655:40 pm - 6:05 pm9.0M32nd

Outside filming

This programme does not have any outside filming

Studio filming

Ealing Television Film Studios; Riverside Studio 1;

Bloopers and mistakes

This programme has no bloopers or mistakes. It's probably not perfect, just that they haven't been found or pointed out yet.

Notes and trivia

Episode 1: Episode One was only recently (1999) discovered in New Zealand.

Episode 3: William Russell only appears in filmed inserts.

Working titles

The Crusades; The Lionheart; Doctor Who and the Saracen Hordes;