V. Doctor Who - The Daleks' Masterplan

Season Three

Story Editor: Donald Tosh; Writers: Terry Nation (1-5,7) and Dennis Spooner (6,8-12); Director: Douglas Camfield; Produced by: John Wiles; Designers: Raymond P. Cusick (1-2,5-7,11) and Barry Newbery (3-4,8-10,12); Incidental Music: Tristram Cary (includes some stock from The Daleks); Played by: The Eric Walker Ensemble (uncredited); Fight Arrangers: Derek Ware (7) and David Anderson (9);

The TARDIS materialises on the planet Kembel several months after the death of Marc Cory. There the Doctor finds a new expedition this time lead by Bret Vyon. The Doctor finds Cory's recording, and he and Bret Vyon try to warn Earth of the impending Dalek attack.

The Guardian of the Solar System, Mavic Chen, whom the Doctor and Vyon warn, is in fact a traitor in leage with the Daleks. The Daleks have a devastating weapon - the time destructor. It needs a taranium core to operate, which the Doctor manages to steal.

Chen dispatches Space Security Agent Sara Kingdom after Bret Vyon and the Doctor. Kingdom is the brother of Vyon, but unaware of Chen's treachery and believing Vyon to be a criminal she kills him.

The Daleks pursue the Doctor through time. The Doctor turns the time destructor against the Daleks, annihilating them - and also Sara Kingdom.

Regular cast

Steve Taylor: Peter Purves; Katatrina: Adrienne Hill (1-4); Sara Kingdom: Jean Marsh (4-12);

Guest cast

Mavic Chen: Kevin Stoney (1-6, 8-12); Daleks: (all 1-6,8-12) Robert Jewell, Kevin Manser, John Scott Martin, Gerald Taylor; Dalek Voices: (all 1-6,8-12) David Graham, Peter Hawkins; Bret Vyon: Nicholas Courtney (1-4); Lizan: Pamela Greer (1, 4); Kert Cantry: Brian Vant (1); Roald: Philip Anthony (1); Interviewer: Michael Guest (1); Zephon: Julian Sherrier (2-3); Trantis: Roy Evans (2,4,8); Kirksen: Douglas Sheldon (3-4); Bors: Dallas Cavell (3); Garge: Geoffrey Cheshire (3); Karlton: Maurice Browning (4-5); Daxtar: Roger Avon (4); Borkar: James Hall (4-5); Troyn: Bill Metley (5); Rhynmal: John Herrington (5); Station Sergeant: Clifford Earl (7); First Policeman: Norman Mitchell (7); Second Policeman: Malcolm Rogers (7); Detective Inspector: Kenneth Thornett (7); Man in Mackintosh: Reg Pritchard (7); Blossom LeFavre: Sheila Dunn (7); Darcy Tranton: Leonard Grahame (7); Steinberger P. Green: Royston Tickner (7); Ingmar Knopf: Mark Ross (7); Assistant Director: Conrad Monk (7); Arab Sheilk: David James (7); Vamp: Paula Topham (7); Clown: Robert G. Jewell (7); Professor Webster: Albert Barrington (7); Prop Man: Buddy Windrush (7); Cameraman: Steve Machin (7); Celation: Terence Woodfield (8,11); The Monk: Peter Butterworth (8-10); Trevor: Roger Brierly (8); Scott: Bruce Wightman (8); Kephren: Jeffrey Isaac (9-10); Tuthmos: Derek Ware (9-10); Hyksos: Walter Randall (9-10); Malpha: Bryan Mosley (11);
Uncredited cast: Technix: (all 2-5) Ashley Bowrin, John Cam, Hugh Cecil, David Freed, Gary Peller, Dennis Tate; Criminals: (all 3) Beatrice Greetz, Rene heath, Jack Le White, MJ Matthews; Keystone Cops: Paul Sarony (7), Malcolm Leopold (7); Ingmar Knopf's Camerman: Jack Le White (7); Make-up Man: Harry Davies (7); Cowboy: William Hall (7); Saloon Bar Girl: Jean Pastell (7); Chaplin: MJ Matthews (7); Egyptian Warriors and Slaves: all 9-10) Andrew Andreas, Faul Bahadour, John Caeser, Agit Chauhan, Ali Hassan, Clay Hunter, Peter Johnson, Anthony Lang, Terry Leigh, Ray Mirioni, Valentino Musetti, Paul Philips, Len Russell, Clenn Whitter; Beaus: Gerry Videl (11); Aged Sara: Mary Warden (12); Extras: David Anderson, John Bohea, John Cam, John Doye, Ian East, Brian Edwards, David Freed, Peter Holmes, Andrew Lawrence, John Lawrence, Pat McDermott, Ken McGarvie, Keith Sanderson, Russell Scott, Paul Sinclair, Dennis Tate, Rocky Taylor, Gerry Videl, Rob Walker, Alan Walling, Francis Whilley, Geoffrey Witherick;

First showing

Channel Episode Title Date Viewers Position
BBC 191The Nightmare BeginsSat 13 November 19655:50 pm - 6:15 pm9.1M35th
BBC 192Day Of ArmageddonSat 20 November 19655:50 pm - 6:15 pm9.8M31st
BBC 193Devil's PlanetSat 27 November 19655:50 pm - 6:15 pm10.3M29th
BBC 194The TraitorsSat 4 December 19655:50 pm - 6:15 pm9.5M34th
BBC 195CounterplotSat 11 December 19655:50 pm - 6:15 pm9.9M26th
BBC 196Coronas Of The SunSat 18 December 19655:50 pm - 6:15 pm9.1M40th
BBC 197The Feast Of StevenSat 25 December 19656:35 pm - 7:00 pm7.9M71st
BBC 198VolcanoSat 1 January 19665:50 pm - 6:15 pm9.6M31st
BBC 199Golden DeathSat 8 January 19665:50 pm - 6:15 pm9.2M43rd
BBC 1100Escape SwitchSat 15 January 19665:50 pm - 6:15 pm9.5M37th
BBC 1101The Abandoned PlanetSat 22 January 19665:50 pm - 6:15 pm9.8M35th
BBC 1102The Destruction Of TimeSat 29 January 19665:50 pm - 6:15 pm8.6M39th

Outside filming

This programme does not have any outside filming

Studio filming

Ealing Television Film Studios; Television Centre Studio 3; Television Centre Studio 4;

Bloopers and mistakes

This programme has no bloopers or mistakes. It's probably not perfect, just that they haven't been found or pointed out yet.

Notes and trivia

Alternative Title: The Dalek Masterplan.

Katarina, who was introduced as a companion at the end of the previous story is killed in part four.

Sara Kingdom is often considered as one of the Doctor's companions although her character only ever appears in this story.

The episodes written by Dennis Spooner carry the caption "Based on an idea by Terry Nation".

Episode 7: This episode was a Christmas episode which bears no relation to the main plot, has never been sold abroad and was subsequently the first episode to be junked.

Working titles

A Switch in Time; Episode 11: Return to Varga; Episode 12: The Mutation of Time; Episode 5: There's Someone Just Behind You; Episode 6: Counter Plot; Episode 9: Lord of the Pharoahs;