Q. Doctor Who - The Space Museum

Season Two

Story Editor: Dennis Spooner; Writer: Glyn Jones; Director: Melvyn Pinfield; Produced by: Verity Lambert; Designer: Spencer Chapman; Incidental Music: Stock; Fight Arranger: Peter Diamond (3-4);

The TARDIS materialises on the planet Xeros, inside a museum created by the Moroks. Inside the exhibts the Doctor, along with his companions, notice many familiar creatures, including Daleks - and also themselves.

During their time in the museum niether the Moroks, not the enslaved Xerons, seem to be able to see the Doctor and his companions. The Doctor surmises that the time shift they experienced upon arrival has caused them to become invisible.

To prevent themselves ending up as exhibits inside the museum the Doctor and his companions must ensure that the future they are witnessing must not happen.

Vicki helps the native Xerons become armed, and they form a rebellion against the Moroks. The Xeron revolution is a success, and the Doctor and his companions go on their way happy that the future has been changed sufficiently.

Regular cast

Barbara Wright: Jacqueline Hill; Ian Chesterton: William Russell; Vicki: Maureen O'Brien;

Guest cast

Sita: Peter Sauders; Dako: Peter Craze; Morok Guards: Billy Cornelius (3-4), Lawrence Dean, Peter Diamond (3-4), Ken Norris, Salvin Stewart; Third Xeron: Bill Starkey (1); Lobos: Richard Shaw (2-4); Tor: Jeremey Bulloch (2-4); Morok Messenger: Salvin Stewart (2); Morok Technician: Peter Diamond (2); Xerons: (all 3-4) Michael Gordon, Edward Granville, Bill Starkey, David Walliscroft; Morok Commander: Ivor Salter (3-4); Dalek Voice: Peter Hawkins (4); Dalek Machine operated by: Murphy Grumbar (4);
Uncredited cast: Extra: Brian Proudfoot;

First showing

Channel Episode Title Date Viewers Position
BBC 168The Space MuseumSat 24 April 19655:40 pm - 6:05 pm10.5M16th
BBC 169The Dimensions Of TimeSat 1 May 19655:40 pm - 6:05 pm
BBC 170The SearchSat 8 May 19655:40 pm - 6:05 pm8.5M22nd
BBC 171The Final PhaseSat 15 May 19655:40 pm - 6:05 pm8.5M27th

Outside filming

This programme does not have any outside filming

Studio filming

Ealing Television Film Studios; Television Centre Studio 4;

Bloopers and mistakes

This programme has no bloopers or mistakes. It's probably not perfect, just that they haven't been found or pointed out yet.

Notes and trivia

The lettering to the end credits of part three is much smaller than normal.

Episode 3: William Hartnell only appears in the reprise at the start of part three.

Working titles

This programme has no other working titles, or they have not been yet been entered.