4Q. Doctor Who - The Face Of Evil

Season Fourteen

Script Editor: Robert Holmes; Writer: Chris Boucher; Produced by: Philip Hinchcliffe; Director: Pennant Roberts; Designer: Austin Ruddy; Incidental Music: Dudley Simpson; Fight Arranger: Terry Walsh (2,4);

The Doctor lands on an unknown planet and is captured by a warrior tribe called the Sevateem. The Doctor is given the Test of Horda, a test of the belief of the god Xoanon, which he passes.

On a nearby cliff is the face of evil - the Doctor's face - inside which Xoanon resides. The Doctor discovers that Xoanon is in fact a computer with a split personally, programmed by the Doctor, sometime in the past, with his personality.

Xoanon is tended by the Tesh, descendants of the original Technicians, who are at war with the Sevateam, descendants of the Survey Team.

The Doctor manages to remove his personality from the computer and reconcile differences between the two tribes. Leela sneaks on board the TARDIS and dematerialises it with the Doctor on board.

Regular cast

Leela: Louise Jameson;

Guest cast

Calib: Leslie Schofield; Neeva: David Garfield; Tomas: Brendan Price; Andor: Victor Lucas (1-2); Sole: Colin Thomas (1); Lugo: Lloyd McGuire (1); Guards: Tom Kelly (1), Brett Forest (2); Voices of Xoanon: Rob Edwards (2-3), Pamela Salem (3), Anthony Frieze (3), Tom Baker (uncredited), Roy Herrick (4); Jabel: Leon Eagles (3-4); Gentek: Mike Ellis (3-4); Acolyte: Peter Baldock (4);
Uncredited cast: Assassins: David Nichol (1), Harry Fielder (2); Stuntmen: Alan Chuntz (2), Max Faulkner (2); Tesh in Protective Suit: Tim Craven (3); Acolytes: Stuart Fell (3), Ernie Goodyear (3), Robert Hastings (3-4), Tom Knox (3), David Ludwig (3), Tom McCabe (3-4); Lugo's Warriors: Andy Dempsey (1,2,4), Ian Munro, John Sarbutt (1,3,4); Council Members: Alan Harris (1-2), Michael Reynal (1-2); Guards: Paul Barton (1-2), John Bryant (1-2), Mike Mungarvan (2-4), Peter Roy (2); Sevateem: Barbara Bermel (1-2), Peter Dean (2), Alan Troy (2), Terry Walsh (2);

First showing

Channel Episode Title Date Viewers Position
BBC 1440Part OneSat 1 January 19776:20 pm - 6:45 pm10.7M23rd
BBC 1441Part TwoSat 8 January 19776:30 pm - 6:55 pm11.1M19th
BBC 1442Part ThreeSat 15 January 19776:20 pm - 6:45 pm11.3M20th
BBC 1443Part FourSat 22 January 19776:25 pm - 6:50 pm11.7M19th

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Outside filming

This programme does not have any outside filming

Studio filming

Ealing Film Studios; Television Cente Studio 3;

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This programme has no bloopers or mistakes. It's probably not perfect, just that they haven't been found or pointed out yet.

Notes and trivia

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Working titles

The Day God Went Mad;