5V. Doctor Who - Logopolis

Season Eighteen

Script Editor: Christopher H. Bidmead; Writer: Christopher H. Bidmead; Produced by: John Nathan-Turner; Director: Peter Grimwade; Designer: Malcolm Thornton; Incidental Music: Paddy Kingsland;

The Doctor has an idea that may repair the chameleon circuit. For this the Doctor needs the exact measurements of a police box, and there is one on the Barnett Bypass in 1981. But before the Doctor can materialise around it, someone else already has done.

In the same lay-by two women have car trouble. While Tegan enters the police box, thinking it is real, someone else has emerged, and Tegan's aunt has been shrunk. In order to get rid of whatever has entered the TARDIS, the Doctor plans to materialise underwater and open the doors. The TARDIS misses, and materialises aboard a ship, where Doctor meets the Watcher.

With the measurements for a police box the Doctor materialises the TARDIS on Logopolis. The Logopolitans have the necessary skills to recalculate the block transfer computation, but the calculations are interfered with, and when applied the TARDIS shrinks.

The Watcher has also sent for Nyssa, and the Doctor, Adric, Tegan and Nyssa find that the culprit is the Master, who plans to hold the Universe to ransom. The plan backfires and entropy destroys the Traken Union, and Logopolis.

Logopolitans had copied the Pharos project on Earth. To fix the problem the Doctor, his companions, and the Master, travel to Earth. The Doctor manages to halt the entropy, but in a battle with the Master the Doctor falls from a radar dish and triggers his regeneration...

Regular cast

Adric: Matthew Waterhouse; Nyssa: Sarah Sutton; Tegan Jovanka: Janet Fielding;

Guest cast

The Master: Anthony Ainley; Detective Inspector: Tom Georgeson (1-2); Aunt Vanessa: Dolores Whiteman (1); The Monitor: John Fraser (2-4); Security Guard: Christoper Hurst (4); New Doctor: Peter Davison (4);
Uncredited cast: The Watcher: Adrian Gibbs; Policemen: (all 1-2) Ray Knight, Peter Roy, Derek Suthern; Logopolitans: George Ballantine, Douglas Bather, Jim Delaney, Billy Gray, Jimmy Mac, Brynchan Powell, Terry Randle, Evan Ross, Roy Seeley, Charles Stewart, Colin Thomas, John Tucker, Walter Turner, Peter Whitaker, Bill Whitehead; Pharos Technician: Robin Squire (4);

First showing

Channel Episode Title Date Viewers Position
BBC 1550Part OneSat 28 February 19815:10 pm - 5:35 pm7.1M84th
BBC 1551Part TwoSat 7 March 19815:10 pm - 5:35 pm7.7M57th
BBC 1552Part ThreeSat 14 March 19815:10 pm - 5:35 pm5.8M102nd
BBC 1553Part FourSat 21 March 19815:10 pm - 5:35 pm6.1M97th

Repeats (on the BBC)

Outside filming

A40 lay-by, Barnet bypass, Denham, Bucks; Albert Bridge, River Thames, London; Cadogan Pier, River Thames, London; Caversham, Berks; Henley-On-Thames, Oxon;

Studio filming

Television Centre Studio 3; Television Centre Studio 6;

Bloopers and mistakes

This programme has no bloopers or mistakes. It's probably not perfect, just that they haven't been found or pointed out yet.

Notes and trivia

Sarah Sutton does not appear in Part One. Although she was credited as a companion in the previous story she doesn't really travel with the Doctor until this adventure.

This story sees the departure of Tom Baker.

The story features the first extensive flashback sequence (in Part Four). The clips are: The Master (The Deadly Assassin 1), a Dalek (Destiny of the Daleks 4), The Pirate Captain (The Pirate Planet 2), the Cyberleader (Revenge of the Cybermen 3), Davros (Genesis of the Daleks 5), a Sontaran (The Invasion of Time 5), a Zygon (Terror of the Zygons 3), the Black Guardian (The Armageddon Factor 6), Sarah (Terror of the Zygons 2), Harry (The Sontaran Experiment 2), the Brigadier (Invasion of the Dinosaurs 2), Leela (Robots of Death 1), K-9 (The Armageddon factor 2), the first Romana (The Stones of Blood 1) and the second Romana (Full Circle 1).

Working titles

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