5J. Doctor Who - Destiny Of The Daleks

Season Seventeen

Script Editor: Douglas Adams; Writer: Terry Nation; Produced by: Graham Williams; Director: Ken Grieve; Designer: Ken Ledsham; Incidental Music: Dudley Simpson;

The Doctor is having slight problems with his two companions: K-9 seems to have, somehow, caught laryngitis. Romana is somewhere in the TARDIS, and when she appears she has regenerated into the same body as Princess Astra. The Doctor tells her to try again, but she later settles on the Princess Astra body.

The TARDIS materialises on a radioactive planet. The Doctor and Romana take the necessary precautions and venture outside. They find sections of concrete, and judging by the vibrations there is some serious drilling going on somewhere.

Looking inside the remains of a city the Doctor becomes trapped by a pillar, and Romana goes back to the TARDIS for K-9. Meanwhile the stone pillar is effortlessly lifted off the Doctor by what appears to be an ordinary man.

The Doctor learns that he has been rescued by the Movellans, who are here to stop the Daleks from getting to Davros. Both sides are robotic and logical, and can easily anticipate each others moves as each move is logical. If the Daleks rescue Davros he could introduce random elements giving the Daleks the advantage.

At the same time the Movellans realise that if they use the Doctor the advantage can be theirs. The Doctor realises that the Movellans are no better than the Daleks. With the aid of a human captive the Doctor manages to prevent the Movellans from destroying Skaro, and also manages to defeat the Daleks. Davros is taken prisoner by the Humans.

Regular cast

Voice of K-9: Roy Skelton (1) (uncredited); Romana: Lalla Ward;

Guest cast

Engineer Tyssan: Tim Barlow; Commander Sharrel: Peter Straker; Agella: Suzanne Danielle; Lan: Tony Osoba; Dalek Operators: Mike Mungarvan, Cy Town; Dalek Voices: Roy Skelton, David Gooderson (uncredited); Davros: David Gooderson (2-4); Jall: Penny Casdagli (2,4); Veldan: David Yip (2,4);
Uncredited cast: Tall Romana: Maggy Armitage (1); Voluptuous Romana: Yvonne Gallager; Alien Romana: Lee Richards (1); Dalek Extras: Toby Byrne (2-4), Tony Starr (2,4); Double for Romana: Sue Crossland (2); Prisoners: Mark Boyden, Toby Byrne, Malcolm Clarke, Peter Coleclough, Venicia Day, Sue Dorning, Harold Gasnier, Sandra Kneller, Tara Lightborne, David Lockner, Susan Lyle, Chris Marx, Leroy Mitchell, Hazel O'Mara, Margaret Pilleau (1-3), Denise Potter, Marcus Powell, Clinton Price, Leslie Rae, Sharon Richardson, Gito Santana (1-3), Errol M Shaker, Tony Starr, Lewis St Juste, Ron Tarr, Erroll Turner, Julian Woods, Huntley Young; Movellans: Bruce Callender, Inga Daly, Wilson M George, Chrissi Hewett, Ken Kajadhar, Tawny Sands;

First showing

Channel Episode Title Date Viewers Position
BBC 1506Episode OneSat 1 September 19796:10 pm - 6:35 pm13.0M28th
BBC 1507Episode TwoSat 8 September 19796:10 pm - 6:35 pm12.7M39th
BBC 1508Episode ThreeSat 15 September 19796:10 pm - 6:35 pm13.8M28th
BBC 1509Episode FourSat 22 September 19796:15 pm - 6:40 pm14.4M27th

Repeats (on the BBC)

Outside filming

Binnegar Heath, Wareham, Dorset; Winspit Quarry, Swanage, Dorset;

Studio filming

Television Centre Studio 1; Television Centre Studio 3;

Bloopers and mistakes

This programme has no bloopers or mistakes. It's probably not perfect, just that they haven't been found or pointed out yet.

Notes and trivia

Each instalment of this story is called an Episode instead of Part, as with the other stories since Season Eleven.

David Brierley's K-9 voice is not heard in this story; when K-9 coughs in Episode One this is the voice of Roy Skelton.

Working titles

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