Doctor Who Audio Adventures with
Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor

  • 7E/A.
    Dark Space 8 - an advanced monitoring station. Its mission - to boldly host the Intergalactic Song Contest.
  • 7E/B.
    3060: Puxatornee is home to a prosperous human colony; 3090: Puxatornee has changed beyond all recognition
  • 7F/A.
    The Fires Of Vulcan
    Two thousand years ago, a volcanic eruption wiped the Roman city of Pompeii from the face of the Earth. It also buried the Doctor's TARDIS...
  • 7R.
    The Fearmonger
    The Doctor and Ace are on the trail of a monster that not only knows their every move but appears to be able to anticipate their actions too.
  • 7S.
    Dalek Empire: The Genocide Machine
    The Kar-Charrat Library is one of the wonders of the Universe; the librarians have found a new way to store data, and the Daleks are interested.
  • SS1.
    The Shadow Of The Scourge
    The Pinehill Crest Hotel in Kent is host to three very different events: a cross-stitch convention, an experiment in time travel and the summoning of the scourge.
  • SS4.
    The Dark Flame
    A thousand years ago the evil Cult of the Dark Flame infiltrated every star system in the galaxy. But for some the Dark Flame still burns.
  • 7T.
    Dust Breeding
    The Doctor's diary indicates that the painting the Scream is about to be destroyed Duchamp 331
  • 7U.
    October 1944: With this TARDIS in their hands, the Third Reich might triumph after all.
  • 7V.
    The Rapture
    Ibiza, 1997, and thousands of young people are acting like mindless zombies.
  • 7X.
    Project: Lazarus
    A traveller in time returns to correct the mistakes of the past and faces a danger that could rob him of his future.
  • 7Y.
    Doctor John Smith invites friends to dinner; hours later all have been changed
  • 7Z.
    The Sirens Of Time
    Gallifrey is in a state of crisis and three incarnations of the Doctor must join together to set time back on the right track.