7R. Doctor Who - The Fearmonger

Writer: Jonathan Blum; Director: Gary Russell; Producers: Jason Haigh-Ellery, Gary Russell, Stephen Cole, Jacqueline Rayner; Music: Alistair Lock; Recorded: 4th - 5th September 1999;

Doctor Who The Fearmonger cover image

Two would-be assassins: One in a mental ward, another on the run. Their intended vitcims stirring up the mobs. Terrorists are planning a strike of their own. A talk-radio host's loving every minute of it. A Whitehall insider whispers about a mysterious UN operative with a hidden agenda.

Everyone's got someone they want you to be afraid of. It'll only take a little push for the situation to erupt - and something is doing the pushing. But you can trust Doctor to put things right, can't you?

Regular cast

Ace: Sophie Aldred;

Guest cast

Sherilyn Harper: Jacqueline Pearce; Stephen Keyser: Mark Wright (1); Walter Jacobs: Mark McDonnell; Mick Thompson: Vince Henderson; Paul Tanner: Jonathan Clarkson; Roderick Allingham: Hugh Walters; Alexander Karadjic: Jack Gallagher (2-4); Tannoy Voice: John Ainsworth (3);

Notes and trivia

CD 1: Parts One and Two
CD 2: Parts Three and Four
Running Time: 100 minutes