Segeant Benton played by John Levene

John Levene as Segeant Benton
First regular appearance: The Invasion
Last regular appearance: The Android Invasion

Segeant Benton has also appeared in:
  • Wartime

John Levene has also appeared in:

Irregular as a regular, he appeared as part of UNIT for Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, and Tom Baker.

Benton was a member of UNIT from when it fought against the Cyberman invasion to when they defeated the Kraals. He travelled in the TARDIS once in The Three Doctors. He was also a love interest for Jo Grant. Benton started as Lance Corporal and was promoted to Sergeant for Spearhead from Space. Promotion to Warrant Officer was mentioned in The Three Doctors. He was promoted to Regimental Sergeant Major for Robot.

Segeant Benton has met these regenerations of the Doctor:
  • London, Earth (20th century)