6Z. Doctor Who - Reveleation Of The Daleks

Season Twenty Two

Script Editor: Eric Saward; Produced by: John Nathan-Turner; Writer: Eric Saward; Director: Graeme Harper; Designer: Alan Spalding; Incidental Music: Roger Limb;

The Doctor visits the Tranquil Repose on Necros, suspicious at the death of a friend. The Tranquil Repose was set up so that dying millionaires could have their body kept in suspended animation until such time as a medical cure could be found.

But there is more going on than it seems. The worst cases are turned by Davros, who is posing as the Great Healer, into a new breed of Daleks. Others are turned into protein by a factory, also set-up by Davros but run by Kara, to be sold on neighbouring planets.

Kara hires a bounty hunter, Orcini, to kill Davros. He fails, and instead turns on Kara when she betrays him. One of the embalmers calls for the real Daleks; they arrive and take Davros away for trial on Skaro.

With the factory left in ruins the Doctor shows the locals how to extract proteins from the native plant life.

Regular cast

Peri Brown: Nicola Bryant;

Guest cast

Kara: Elanor Bron; Jobel: Clive Swift; Orcini: William Gaunt; Davros: Terry Molloy; DJ: Alexei Sayle; Tasembeker: Jenny Tomasin; Bostock: John Ogwen; Grigory: Stephen Flynn; Natasha: Bridget Lynch-Blosse; Takis: Trevor Cooper; Lilt: Colin Spault; Vogel: Hugh Walters; Daleks: John Scott Martin, Cy Town, Tony Starr, Toby Byrne; Dalek Voices: Roy Skelton, Royce Mills; Professor Arthur Stengos: Alec Linstead (1); Mutant: Ken Barker (1); Computer Voice: Penelope Lee (1);
Uncredited cast: Attendants: Russell Brook, Jane Clarke, Tricia Clarke, Judy Cowne, Liz D'Estere, Linda Kent, Annabel Larkins, Tim Lawrence, Eric Lindsay, Don Parry; Guards: Alan Austen, Richard Bonehill, Michael Fernley, Michael Jeffries, Alan Mock, Jeff Wayne; Stuntman: Steve Emmerson;

First showing

Channel Episode Title Date Viewers Position
BBC 1638Part OneSat 23 March 19855:20 pm - 6:05 pm7.4M65th
BBC 1639Part TwoSat 30 March 19855:20 pm - 6:05 pm7.7M58th

Repeated on BBC 2; positions just for BBC 2

Repeats (on the BBC)

Outside filming

Airfield near Poole, Dorset; Goodwood horse racing track; IBM UK HQ, Southampton, Hants; Queen Elizabeth Park, nr. Cosham, Portsmouth, Hants;

Studio filming

Television Centre Studio 1; Television Centre Studio 8;

Bloopers and mistakes

Episode 2: In the first scene someone can be seen in the background.

Episode 2: When the DJ fires his ultrasonic gun the first time (to show Peri) he shatters the doors to his studio. Later, when the Daleks advance into the studio, the miraculously repaired doors open as they approach.

Episode 2: When those two chaps show a Dalek their security passes, you can see the head of the Dalek operator through the "neck grille".

Notes and trivia

There is no Target novelisation for this story.

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