8L. Doctor Who - Neverland

Writer: Alan Barnes; Director: Gary Russell; Produced by: Gary Russell, Jason Haigh-Ellery, Jacqueline Rayner; Music: Nicholas Briggs;

Doctor Who Neverland cover image

The Web of Time is stretched to breaking. History is leaking like a sieve. In the Citadel of Gallifrey, the Time Lords fear the end of everything that is, everything that was... everything that will be.

The Doctor holds the Time Lords' only hope - but exactly what what lengths will the Celestial Intervention Agency go to in their efforts to retrieve something important from within his TARDIS? What has caused Imperiatrix Romanadvoratrelundar to declare war on the rest of creation? And can an old nursey rhyme about a monster called Zagreus really be coming true?

The answers can only be found outside the bounds of the universe itself, in a place that history forgot. In the wastegrounds of eternity. In the Neverland.

Regular cast

Charley Pollard: India Fisher;

Guest cast

Romana: Lalla Ward; Rassilon: Don Warrington; Matrix Voices: Jonathan Rigby, Dot Smith, Ian Hallard; Co-Ordinator Vansell: Anthony Keetch; Levith: Holly King; Emperor: Alistair Lock (1); Under-Cardinal: Lee Moone; Rorvan: Mark McDonnell; Taris: Nicola Boyce;

Notes and trivia

CD 1: Part One
CD 2: Part Two
Runn: 150 minutes