Doctor Who Peter Capaldi
2014 - 2017

So what are you? Farmers,  fishermen ... web designers? Maybe not that last one.

The Twelfth Doctor The Girl Who Died

Series 8 - 2014

  • 8.1.
    Deep Breath
    Trouble in Victorian London: Where else would the Doctor be?
  • 8.2.
    Into The Dalek
    The Doctor and Clara go inside a Dalek to see what makes it good
  • 8.3.
    Robot Of Sherwood
    Clara asks the Doctor to take her to see the fictional Robin Hood
  • 8.4.
    When you are alone how do you know there isn't something listening?
  • 8.5.
    Time Heist
    The Doctor agrees to rob a bank. He just doesn't know why.
  • 8.6.
    The Caretaker
    The Doctor takes on the role of Caretaker at a school to capture an alien
  • 8.7.
    Kill The Moon
    The Doctor leaves humanity to decide whether to kill the moon or not
  • 8.8.
    Mummy On The Orient Express
    The Doctor helps investigate a legend of a Mummy on the Orient Express
  • 8.9.
    With the Doctor trapped in the TARDIS Clara has to assume his role
  • 8.10.
    In The Forest Of The Night
    Why have trees suddenly appeared overnight over the whole planet?
  • 8.11.
    Dark Water
    After Danny's death the Doctor helps Clara to find him
  • 8.12.
    Death In Heaven
    What would the Doctor do if he was handed an army of Cybermen?
  • 8.13.
    Last Christmas
    Ask yourself: Do you believe in Santa Claus?

Series 9 - 2015

  • 9.1.
    The Magician's Apprentice
    A young boy needs saving. On learning his name the Doctor does nothing. Was that a mistake?
  • 9.2.
    The Witch's Familiar
    The Doctor saves Davros with regeneration energy, but Davros gets more than he expected.
  • 9.3.
    Under The Lake
    After a craft is discovered anyone who dies returns as a ghost.
  • 9.4.
    Before The Flood
    The Doctor finds out what is using people to send messages - even after they have died.
  • 9.5.
    The Girl Who Died
    The Doctor helps a Viking village defeat an alien menace.
  • 9.6.
    The Woman Who Lived
    Growing tired of immortality on Earth Ashildr wants to travel the Universe.
  • 9.7.
    The Zygon Invasion
    A rebel Zygon faction on Earth tries to take control as a peace treaty breaks down.
  • 9.8.
    The Zygon Inversion
    The Doctor negotiates with the Zygon rebels to create a new peace treaty.
  • 9.9.
    Sleep No More
    Experiments into sleep result in a new life form ready to consume humans.
  • 9.10.
    Face The Raven
    Ashildr is the Mayor of a group of refugees on Earth. In order to keep them safe a deal has been made to capture the Doctor.
  • 9.11.
    Heaven Sent
    The Doctor is trapped in his own nightmare. The only way out is to confess.
  • 9.12.
    Hell Bent
    With the Time Lords' help the Doctor is prepared to fracture time in order to save Clara.
  • 9.13.
    The Husbands Of River Song
    Caught up in a plan to steal a diamond the Doctor spends one last night with River Song.

Series 9 - 2016

Series 10 - 2017

  • 10.1.
    The Pilot
    Two worlds collide when the Doctor meets Bill. A chance encounter with a girl with a star in her eye leads to a terrifying chase across time and space.