Doctor Who Christopher Eccleston

What are you going to do? Moisturise me?

Ninth Doctor

The End Of The World


  • 1.
    The Doctor meets Rose Tyler in present day London
  • 2.
    The End of the World
    The takes Rose to see the end of the world
  • 3.
    The Unquiet Dead
    Christmas Eve, 1869: The dead of Cardiff are walking...
  • 4.
    Aliens of London
    Earth makes first contact when a space ship crashes in the Thames
  • 5.
    World War Three
    The Slitheen family plan to destroy all life on Earth then sell the planet
  • 6.
    An old enemy is trapped and the Doctor must deal with it
  • 7.
    The Long Game
    The Doctor and Rose visit a space-station where news-gathers work
  • 8.
    Father's Day
    Rose learns, first hand, about the dangers of time travel
  • NDA.
    The Clockwise Man
    The Doctor and Rose become caught up in the hunt for a murderer
  • NDA.
    Winner Takes All
    On Earth a new video game - Death to the Mantodeans - has become the latest craze
  • NDA.
    The Monsters Inside
    Rose finds herself in a teenage borstal in Justica
  • 9.
    The Empty Child
    The Doctor and Rose visit England during the Blitz in the 1940s
  • 10.
    The Doctor Dances
    During war-torn Britain the Doctor finds out what is transforming the dead
  • NDA.
    The Deviant Strain
    An old force has reawoken and is killing people at a Soviet naval base
  • NDA.
    Only Human
    In the past someone is trying to replace the human race with a new improved version
  • NDA.
    The Stealers of Dreams
    In the far future the Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack find a world where fiction is outlawed
  • 11.
    Boom Town
    An alien thought to have been killed plans to destroy Cardiff to escape from Earth
  • 12.
    Bad Wolf
    The Doctor is trapped in the Big Brother house, and Rose appears on the Weakest Link
  • 13.
    The Parting of the Ways
    An old enemy returns to fight the Doctor and Rose