Alien Worlds


When the first Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara visited Skaro they found a petrified forest and the petrified body of a creature that was made extinct during the war. All trees were like stone, and the ground had turned to dust. No crops could grow.

The Time Lords sent the fourth Doctor, Sarah and Harry to Skaro during the Kaled/Thal war. They were unable to stop the creation of the Daleks and the nuclear war that was in progress.

The surface of the planet is barren and mountainous. The Dalek city, the remains of the city that was destroyed by a Thal rocket, visited by the first Doctor had an excellent natural defence: one side was an almost impassable mountain surrounded by a lake in which there were many ferocious mutations left over from the nuclear war.

The Master was captured by the Daleks and tried on Skaro. His wish was that the Doctor take his remains back to Gallifrey.

During a battle on Earth between two Dalek factions the Doctor programmed the Hand of Omega to destroy Skaro. Davros, believing he had control of the Hand of Omega, was tricked by the Doctor. When he used the device it turned Skaro's sun super nova. The explosion also destroyed Skaro.

Additional information about Skaro

  • 12th planet of a system close to Earth