TVM. The Movie (Enemy Within)

1996 - 1996 (TV Movie)

Writer: Matthew Jacobs
Executive Producers: Philip Segal, Alex Beaton, Jo Wright
Director: Geoffrey Sax

Grace: I thought you were a doctor.
The Doctor: I thought you were a doctor.


The Master is caught and placed on trial by the Daleks. As a last request the Master asks that his remains be taken back to Gallifrey by the Doctor. It is a request the Daleks should never have granted.

The Doctor, still in his seventh incarnation, securely locks the Master's remains in an old casket using the sonic screwdriver and relaxes on the journey back to Gallifrey. The Master is not as dead as he seems, and takes on the form of a gelatinous snake and manages to escape from the casket. The Doctor is aware of this and sees for himself, during which time the Master manages to hijack the TARDIS and causing a critical timing malfunction, forcing the Doctor to instigate an emergency landing.

Earth, San Franscisco, 30th December 1999: Chang Lee and his friends are being chased through the streets at night by a rival gang. Thinking they have seen off the other gang they walk into an alley where they are ambushed. As the gang prepare to fire on Chang Lee a wind comes from nowhere and a strange blue box materialises. A stranger emerges and, in panic, he is shot by the rival gang before they run off.

Chang Lee emerges from behind the TARDIS and sees the shot Doctor on the floor. As Chang Lee goes for an ambulance something else emerges from the TARDIS lock and hitches a ride with the ambulance. Inside the ambulance the medics try to help the Doctor and ask Chang Lee to sign a release form: he makes up a name for the stranger: John Smith.

At the hospital the doctors manage to remove the bullets from the Doctor, but something is wrong with his heart and all the x-rays are double exposing and showing two hearts. The cardiologist on call is called and Doctor Grace Holloway, who is in the middle of watching an opera, returns to the hospital to perform an operation. The Doctor wakes for a moment and pleads for Grace not to operate as he is not human. More anaesthetic is used to knock out the Doctor and Grace begins the operation, watched by hospital investors.

Things do not go well. The Doctor's diffrerent cardiovascular system means Grace soon gets lost, during which time the Doctor goes into cardiovascular arrest. Grace is unable to get the probe out before rescussitation is attempted - to no avail. The Doctor is pronounced dead and is taken to the morgue.

Bruce, one of the medics who was in the ambulance, returns home to his wife, but unwittingly takes a passenger. During the night the Master, still in snake form, takes over Bruce. He still plans to find the Doctor, unaware of the Doctor's plight, and will stop and will kill anyoine to get his way - even Bruce's wife.

In the morgue, as the New Year's Eve starts, a worker called Pete is on duty in the morgue, watching an old Frankenstein movie. He hears a knocking in one of the bays and goes to investigate. As he watches the door falls open and the newly regenerated Doctor appears. This is too much for Pete, who faints. The Doctor, disorientated and suffering from amnesia, barefoot and wearing only a shroud, tries to find his way out of the hospital.

News soon gets out about the missing body, and body snatchers are blamed. Grace tries to find out more from Chang Lee. He takes a selection of the Doctor's things and runs off. Meanwhile the Master, walking around in Bruce's body, learns of the Doctor's disappearance, and also of Chang Lee's theft, and goes off to look for the TARDIS.

Grace's superior is trying to hide the fact that she lost a patient. He burns the x-rays showing two hearts, and the disappearance of the body is a big help. Grace, not happy with the decision, quits. She clears out her belongings and returns to her car, where she is accosted by a strange figure who is barefoot and dressed in fancy dress clothing. He claims she knows him, but Grace has never seen him before. When she threatens to call security he disappears.

When she starts the car she hears the stranger, who is on the back seat, cry out in pain. She watches in amazement as he pulls the probe from his body. The Doctor orders her to drive before they kill him again. She speeds of back to her house.

Meanwhile the Master is looking round the Doctor's TARDIS when Chang Lee, who has the TARDIS key, finds his way inside. Although the TARDIS does not respond to the Master it does when Chang Lee touches a support. The Master realises he can use Chang Lee to gain control the TARDIS the Master tells him lies about how the Doctor, who has not dies but will have regenerated, has stolen his body, and now the Master wants it back. The Master then takes Chang Lee to the Eye ofHarmony where the Master uses him to open the Eye.

Back at her house, which is devoid of furniture after her boyfriend left, Grace examines the Doctor and finds out his blood is alien. This is overwhelming for Grace, and she and the Doctor, after giving the Doctor a pair of shoes belonging to her ex, go for a walk. When the Eye of Harmony is opened the TARDIS connects with the Doctor and is memory is restored. It also means that the Master has a link. Inside the TARDIS the Master sees the new Doctor, and also sees Grace through the Doctor's eyes.

The Doctor tries to explain about the Eye of Harmony, and demonstrates what will happen if the Eye if left open by walking through a window. Thinking he is insane, or maybe they both are, Grace calls for an ambulance, and the Master obliges.

The Master, posing as Bruce, with Chang Lee, arrive to pick up the Doctor. The Doctor needs a beryllium chip, and fortunately there is one in a new atmoic clock that is being unveiled at the Institue of Advanced Science and Research, of which Grace is a member. The Doctor asks Bruce/the Master to take them to the institute, and he obliges. On the way they are caught in a traffic jam. Chang Lee brakes too hard and the Master's glasses slip, revealing green eyes. Using a fire extinguisher the Doctor and Grace escape, but not before the Master has spat on Grace.

The Doctor commandeers a police bike by threatening to shoot himself, and together the Doctor and Grace race to the Instutute, followed the Chang Lee and the Master. Chang Lee knows a short cut and they arrive before the Doctor. Whlst they look for the Doctor, the Doctor manages to get the chip and escape from the Master and make their way back to the TARDIS. As the Doctor starts to wire in the chip and close the Eye he realises that it may not be enough, and he must go back to repair the damage, but the TARDIS has no power.

He comes up with an idea to jump start the TARDIS, but Grace falls under the influence of the Master, and knocks the Doctor unconscious. When he awakes he learns of the Master's plan. He is powerless to resist as Grace places a device on his head that keeps his eye's open, and he shackled on a balcony. The Master shouts about how he has used all his own lives and now will take the Doctors. This is contrary to what the Master told Chang Lee, and Chang Lee turns against the Master, and the Master kills him.

In order for the Eye to be opened a human eye must look into light from the Eye. Grace's eyes, under the influence, are not human. The Master releases Grace from his influence and forces her to re-open the Eye, and stands on another balcony. As power from the Eye hits various mirrors it starts to drain life from the Doctor and into the Master.

The Doctor reminds Grace of what he said in the console room, and Grace returns and starts flicking switches. She sees two wires and joins them - just as midnight approaches. The TARDIS dematerialises and enters a temporal orbit. She returns to the Doctor for help. She stands in front of the Doctor, blocking light from the Eye. This also frees the Master, and he throws her off the balcony, killing her instantly when she lands.

The Doctor manages to free himself and check on Grace. The Master goes after the Doctor, and a fight ensues. The Doctor redirects a light as the Master lunges for him and the Master overshoots and is swallowed by the Eye.

The Eye closes, and the Doctor attempts to roll back time. He succeeds, and Chang Lee and Grace are brought back to life. The Doctor then takes the TARDIS forward again to New Years Day, and everything is as it should have been - time is back on the right track.

The Doctor allows Chang Lee to keep two bags of gold dust that the Master had bribed him with. The Doctors asks Grace if she wants to join him; she declines, and instead asks the Doctor is he wants to join her. He also declines, and Grace watches as the TARDIS dematerialises.

Guest Cast

  • The Doctor: Sylvester McCoy
  • Dr. Grace Holloway: Daphne Ashbrook
  • The Master: Gordon Tipple; Eric Roberts
  • Chang Lee: Yee Jee Tso
  • Curtis: Dolores Drake
  • Wheeler: Catherine Lough
  • Salinger: John Novak
  • Dr. Swift: Michael David Simms
  • Miranda: Eliza Roberts
  • Pete: William Sasso
  • Ted: Joel Wirkkunem
  • Anchorwoman: Mi Jung Lee
  • Co-Anchor: Joanna Piros
  • Cop: Bill Croft
  • Security Guard: Dee Jay Jackson
  • Professor Wagg: Dave Hurtubise
  • Gareth: Jeremy Radick

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 0. The Movie Monday, May 27, 1996 8:00 PM - 9:25 PM

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Outside Locations

  • Vancouver, Canada


The title Enemy Within has never been used for this adventure. It is used here to avoid confusion with other Doctor Who movies (either past or future). It was suggested by Philip Segal that this title should be used if fans really wanted a title.