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The Daleks were known as Kaleds or Dals. The Kaleds were a humanoid race, sharing the planet Skaro with the Thals. Relations were far from amicable, and a nuclear war broke out. Soon the planet was a nuclear waste ground, and both races were confined to an underground existence.

Davros, the chief Kaled scientist, had a plan to both end the war and ensure Kaled superiority and survival. Davros had run experiments to mutate the Kaleds in a bid to find the final Kaled form, for which he created the Mark III Travel Machine, an armoured and armed, travel pod, which was later christened the Dalek.

The Daleks are possibly the most feared creatures in the Universe. Their one aim is to survive. Logically, to survive, they must become the dominant species in the Universe. The Time Lords foresaw a time when the Daleks would reach their objective and destroy all other lifeforms. With this in mind, the Time Lords sent the fourth Doctor on a mission to destroy the Daleks before they could reach out into the Universe.

The Doctor didn't feel he had the right to destroy even the Daleks, as many species in the future would become allies due to their fear of the Daleks. The Doctor did enlist the help of the Thals to entomb Davros and his Daleks in their underground city, although some Daleks did escape.

The Daleks then spread fear and hatred throughout the Universe. Many races that had previously been at war joined forces to fight the Daleks. The Daleks later reached an impasse when they attempted to fight the Movellans; both forces were purely logical and could easily anticipate each other. To break this impasse they required a living mind, and the Daleks began to dig for Davros.

The Daleks and the Movellans were defeated, and Davros was taken away for trial. However, with the aid of Commander Lytton, the Daleks managed to free Davros and he was free to lead his Daleks into more battles.

Davros was also free to upgrade Dalek design, which he did several times. One of the big problems for Daleks were steps. The latest Dalek design, the Imperial Dalek, had a very sophisticated anti gravity device allowing them to float upstairs.

The Daleks are heavily into racial purity. A Dalek believes that the only way for the Dalek race to survive is for it to be the only living creature. Only its breed of Dalek is worthy. A previous Dalek design is not genetically the same, therefore is as unworthy as any other species.

All of the Doctor's regenerations have fought the Daleks (it was implied the eighth Doctor met the Daleks in the TV movie and he has fought the Daleks in the BBC books adventures); other battles of the Daleks have also featured in Dalek annuals and comics. At some point in time the Daleks were involved in the Time War with the Time Lords. Both sides were apparently destroyed. Only the Doctor survived for the Time Lords, and one solitary Dalek survived, finding its way through time to land in Utah.

The Doctor thought the Time War was almost worth the sacrifice if it meant the end of the Daleks, but some managed to survive. Some Daleks also managed to create a void ship and were able to hide, along with a Time Lord prison ship holding millions of Daleks, in the void between dimensions. This breach was exploited by the Cybermen culminating in a full scale battle between the Daleks and the Cybermen with Earth caught in the middle.

There was also a group of four Daleks that dared to think differently: the Cult Of Skaro. The Daleks even had names. The Doctor destroyed the Cult when he met them in Manhatten, but Dalek Caan managed to survive using an emergency temporal shift. He was able to fly into the Time War and save Davros. Having seen what the Daleks had done through time, Dalek Caan initialised events that would lead to the destruction of the Daleks.

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