12 / 13. Bad Wolf / The Parting Of The Ways

Series 1 - 2005

Writer: Russell T. Davies
Produced By: Phil Colinson
Director: Joe Ahearne


A teleport beam enters the TARDIS and the Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack end up as contestants in different games. The Doctor ends up in one of many Big Brother houses as a house mate, Rose ends up as a contestant on the Weakest Link hosted by the Anne Droid, and Captain Jack ends up on a make over show hosted by android versions of Trinny and Susannah.

At first it seems they are in normal television programmes, but the Doctor soon discovers things are far more sinister when a house mate is voted off - she appears to be disintegrated. A fellow house mate, Lynda, tells the Doctor about a previous house mate who was instantly voted off for destroying the set. The Doctor realises he has been brought here deliberately - the teleport - beam was millions of times more powerful in order to penetrate the TARDIS. The Doctor destroys a camera with his sonic screwdriver - instant eviction. As expected, the Doctor is not disintegrated. Instead, he manages to escape into the 'Game Station', and Lynda goes with him.

The Doctor realises that the Game Station is in fact Satellite Five, 91 years after his previous visit. Earth development has not gone on schedule, and instead someone is using the Game Station to broadcast television all over Earth - 10,000 channels. The Doctor is far more worried when Lynda reveals the station is owned the Bad Wolf Corporation.

Captain Jack is also discovering things are not what they seem. After a clothing makeover, the driods suggest to Jack a face-off. Only this is not when he competes with someone, this is literally a 'face off'. A naked Jack pulls a gun from where only customs people dare to probe, and destroys the droids. Using the parts he makes himself a weapon and finds the Doctor. Together the Doctor and Jack search for Rose. All three rush to the programme where Rose is a contestant, and arrive just as she is disintegrated. Jack blasts the Anne Droid, and they are all arrested.

The Doctor and Jack overwhelm the guards, and all three make their way up to floor 500, where they find the woman that controls the station. She is blind, and it is her brain that controls the station. During solar flare activity she reveals she has brought the Doctor and his companions to the station and hid them in the games. Her masters control the signals, but they do not watch them. The Doctor finds that there is a secondary signal beaming into space. When the focus on that region of space they discover a fleet of ships - Dalek ships.

The disintegrator beam is in fact a secondary teleportation system. Rose is still alive - on the Dalek ship. The Doctor offers the Daleks an ultimatum: either they return Rose unharmed, or he will destroy them. Naturally, they resist. The Doctor and Jack get into the TARDIS in a bid to rescue Rose. During the trip Jack, using technology off the station, makes a portable shield.

The Daleks detect the TARDIS, and fire a missile. When the missile explodes they think they have won, until the TARDIS materialises around Rose, and a Dalek. The Dalek fires, and Jack destroys it. The shielded Doctor goes out of the TARDIS amongst the Daleks. They immediately fire at him, but stop when they realise it is not working.

The Doctor meets the Emperor of the Daleks, and begins to realise what the Daleks have been doing. They have made an elaborate scheme to teleport humans away from Earth without them realising. The humans have then been turned into Daleks. The Doctor thought the Daleks had died in the Time War, but the Emporer had survived.

The Daleks are entering the final phase of their plan: to completely destroy Earth. The fleet begins moving, and the Doctor, Rose and Jack use the TARDIS to get back to the station first. Evacuations begin, although not everyone is keen to leave, including Lynda. The Doctor begins to build a delta wave generator that could effectively destroy all life it reaches, whilst Jack manages to shield the top section of the Game Station. Anticipating where the Daleks will attack, he takes some of the remaing people to help defend.

Rose is helping the Doctor. When Rose suggests they should go back in time to stop it, the Doctor suggests there is something. He leaves Rose in the TARDIS holding a control, whilst he goes outside to disconnect. Once outside the Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to send Rose back to Earth - safe.

Inside the TARDIS the Rose shouts for the Doctor to let her out as the time rotor starts moving. A hologram appears telling Rose that he is either dead, or is facing death, and that at least she is safe. The hologram Doctor asks Rose, after returning to Earth, to lock the TARDIS and leave it to die.

Mickey hears the TARDIS materialising and comes running to meet the crying Rose. Later, in a cafe, she explains to Mickey and her Mum what has happened. Even though the events are happening in the future, they feel like they are happening now, as she only just left. Getting upset Rose leaves and Mickey follows. They end up in a park, and rose sees the words 'Bad Wolf' graffitied on the floor and the walls.

Taking this as a sign she returns to the TARDIS. The Doctor has said that the TARDIS gets inside your brain, and knows what you want. Rose tries to see the heart of the TARDIS, and hopes that it will see what she really wants. Unfortunately Mickey's small Mini hasn't the strength to pull open the console. When she is about to give up her Mum arrives with a tow truck. With this Mickey is able tp pull open the console.

Rose looks inside the TARDIS, and knows what Rose wants. As she begins to absorb energy from the time vortex the doors close and the TARDIS dematerialises.

Back on the Game Station all is now well. The Daleks have entered the station, and are killing anyone who has been left behind. Jack has given some of the workers weapons, but they are no use. Even Jack himself is short on bullets, and is killed when his bullets finally run out.

On floor 500 the Doctor has completed his delta wave augmenter, and even the Daleks pause when they realise what the device can do. The Emperor Dalek appears on a screen, and taunts the Doctor into using the device. There has been no time to refine the device; it will kill all life - Dalek and human. The station has the power to transmit over the whole of Earth.

The Doctor chooses the 'coward' option, and waits for the Daleks to exterminate. As they draw closer the TARDIS rematerialises, and Rose appears, glowing from the power of the time vortex. Rose is the 'Bad Wolf' and sends the phrase to different points in time and space. Using this power she destroys the Daleks that are threatening the Doctor. Declaring the Time War over she destroys the Dalek fleet. She also brings new life, and revives Jack.

Realising the energy is killing Rose he kisses her, letting the energy flow from Rose into him.He manages to expel the energy back into the TARDIS. He takes the unconscious Rose into the TARDIS, and Jack arrives in time to see it depart.

When Rose recovers the Doctor starts telling her about the planet Barcelona, and how he may take her there, but he will be different. The Doctor explains that absorbing the energy is destroying ever cell in his body. When Rose asks if there is anything he can do, he says it is already happening. The Doctor is in pain, but tells Rose to stay back. In a blast of light the Doctor regenerates...

Regular Cast

  • Rose Tyler: Billie Piper
  • Captain Jack: John Barrowman

Guest Cast

  • Lynda: Jo Joyner
  • Strood: Jamie Bradley (1)
  • Crosbie: Abi Eniola (1)
  • Voice of Davinadroid: Davina McCall
  • Rodrick: Paterson Joseph
  • Floor manager: Jenna Russell (1; uncredited in 2)
  • Voice of Anne Droid: Anne Robinson
  • Voice of Trine-E: Trinny Woodall (1)
  • Voice of Zu-Zana: Susannah Constantine (1)
  • Male programmer: Jo Stone Fewings
  • Female Programmer: Nisha Nayar
  • Agorax: Dominic Burgess (1)
  • Fitch: Kate Winchester (1)
  • Colleen: Kate Loustau
  • Broff: Sebastian Armesto (1)
  • Controller: Martha Cope (1)
  • Security Guard: Sam Callis (1)
  • Androids: (all 1) Alan Ruscoe (Anne Droid and Trine-E), Paul Kasey (Zu-Zana)
  • Dalek operators: Barnaby Edwards, Nicholas Pegg, David Harkinson
  • Dalek voice: Nicholas Briggs
  • Mickey: Noel Clarke (2)
  • Jackie: Camille Coduri (2)
  • The Doctor: David Tennant (2)
  • Programmers/staff: Katherine Constance, Kate Groves, Jenny Head, Gemma Whitmore, Sally Martin, Leroy Henry, Chester Durant, Ben Fullard, Kathryn Jackson, Frances V Pillay, Helen Lenox, Catherine Cornforth, Janet Allen, Craig Trow, Raj Sa Wheny, Dan Bowden, Adam Sweet, Nate Webb, Wayne Closier, Tim Hurford
  • Stunt Security Guards: Tony Lucken, Stuart Clarke, Derek Lea
  • Volunteers: Sarah Thomas, Hayley, Paul, James
  • Crew/technicians: Suzanne Wainwright, Joseph Lippiat, Steve Grant, Zana Cousins, Heidi Coles, Kevin Hudson
  • Security guards: Ian Hilditch, Kyle Davies
  • Floor Zero crew: Paul Anderson, Kodjo Tsakpo, Simon Hillman, Alex Hayes, Rhiannon Ward, Gerard Cooke, George Onyeahasi, Anthony Moulton, Tom Chapman, Helen Dews, Charlotte Reiner, Stephanie McIver, Steven Cox, Katy Fin Bar, Harvey Robinson, Simon Frost, Natasha Motee, Patricia Croughton, Gemma Patel, Tristan Hancock, Charlie Beaumont, Claire Pennington, Hayley Jones, Ann Marie Holulake, Debi Cale, Rachel Chambers, Iyoney Thomas, Yolaris Khan, Anthony Asis, Jamie Spencer, Melissa Fendick, Marcus Elliott, David Baulch, Olivia Marshall, Waynne Goss, Simon Maynard
  • Double for the Doctor: Paul Newbolt
  • Stunt double for Mickey: Maurice Lee
  • Stunt double for the programmer: Jamie Edgell
  • Stunt double for Captain Jack: Tony Lucken
  • Additional dialogue recording: Vernon Keeble-Watson, Alison Goldsmith, Hannah Welch, Matt Jones

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 12. Bad Wolf Saturday, June 11, 2005 7:00 PM - 7:45 PM 6.81M 37.92%
BBC 1 13. The Parting Of The Ways Saturday, June 18, 2005 7:00 PM - 7:45 PM 6.91M 43%

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  • Enfys Television Studio, Unit 31, Portmanmoor Road, Cardiff
  • Model Unit Stage, Kendal Avenue, London
  • NCLA, Clarence Place, Newport
  • Unit Q2, Newport

Outside Locations

  • Louden Square, Cardiff
  • Paddle Steamer Pub, Louden Square
  • Severn Square, Canton, Cardiff