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BBC Books Doctor Who Logo From 1997 until 2005 BBC Books produced a range of full length novels featuring the Eighth Doctor, along with new companions Sam Jones, Fitz, Compassion and Trix. These adventures followed on from the 1996 TV movie.

Grace: I thought you were a doctor.
The Doctor: I thought you were a doctor.

Timeless by Stephen Cole

Published: 2003 BBC Books
No. of Pages: 275
ISBN: 0 563 48607 4

The fuse has been lit. Reality has been blown apart, and the barriers that shield our universe from the endless others running parallel have shattered with it. The only chance the Doctor has of saving the multiverse from total collapse is if he can get back to Earth where the damage was first done - and put things right.

With time running out, the Doctor finally understands why 'our' unverse is unique. In proving it , he nearly destroys the TARDIS and all aboard - and becomes involved with the machinations of the mysterious Timeless organisation. They can fix your wildest dreams, get away with murder and bring a whole new meaning to the idea of victimless crime.

Soon, Fitz and Trix are married, Anji's become a mum, and an innocent man is marked for the most important death in the universe's long history. The reasons why force the Doctor into a deadly showdown in a killing ground spawned before time and space begun.

Emotional Chemistry by Simon A. Forward

Published: 2003 BBC Books
No. of Pages: 274
ISBN: 0 563 48608 2

'Love! Surely one of the most destructive forces in the universe. There's nothing a man - or woman - won't do for true love.'

1812. The Vishenkov household, along with the rest of Moscow, faces the advance of Napoleon Bonaparte. At its heart is the radiant Dusha, a source of strength and inspiration - and more besides - for them all. Captain Victor Padorin, heroic Hussar and family friend, meanwhile, acts like a man possessed - by the Devil.

2024. Fitz is under interrogation regarding a burglary and fire at the Kremlin. The Doctor has disappeared in the flames. Colonel Bugayev is investigation a spate of antiques thefts, centred in Moscow, on top of which he now has a time-travel mystery to unravel.

5000. Lord General Razum Kinzhal is preparing to set in motion the closing stages of a world war. More than the enemy, his fellow generals of the Icelandic Alliance fear what such a man might do in peacetime. What can possibly bridge these disparate events in time? Love will find a way. But the Doctor must find a better alternative. Before love sets the world on fire.

Sometime Never... by Justin Richards

Published: 2004 BBC Books
No. of Pages: 274
ISBN: 0 563 48611 2

This Week: A hideous, misshapen creature releases a butterfly.

Next Week: The consequences of this simple action ensure that history follows its predicted path...

Sometime: In the swirling maelstrom of the Time Vortex, The Council of Eight map out every moment in history and take drastic measures to ensure it follows their predictions. But there is one elemental force that defies their prediction, that fails to adhere to the laws of time and space... A rogue element that could destroy their plans merely by existing.

Already events are mapped out and defined. Already the pieces of the trap are in place. The Council of Eight know when Sabbath will betray them. They know when Fitz will survive the horrors in the Institute of Anthropology. They know when Trix will come to his aid. They know whem the Doctor will finally realise the truth.

They know that this will be: Never.

Halflife by Mark Michalowski

Published: 2004 BBC Books
No. of Pages: 274
ISBN: 0 563 48613 9

'To lose one set of memories may be regarded as a misfortune. To lose two smacks of carelessness.'

The Terran colony world of Espero seems the unlikely source of a sophisticated distress call. And the Doctor, Fitz and Trix are not the only ones responding to it.

While Fitz consorts with royalty, the Doctor's on the run with a 16-year-old girl, and Trix meets a small boy with a dark secret.

In a race for the minds and souls of an entire planet, the Doctor and Trix are offered temptations that may change them forever.

At least one of them will be unable to resist.

The Tomorrow Windows by Jonathan Morris

Published: 2004 BBC Books
No. of Pages: 280
ISBN: 0 563 48616 3
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There's a new exibition at Tate Modern - 'The Tomorrow Windows'.

The concept is simple: look through a Tomorrow Window and you'll see into the future. You'll get 'The Gist of Things to Come'. According to the press pack, the Tomorrow Windows exhibition wil bring about an end to war and suffering.

Which is why someone decides to blow it up.

Investigating this act of wanton vandalism, the Doctor, Fitz and Trix visit an Astral Flower, the show-world of Utopia and Gadrahadradon - the most haunted planet in the galaxy. They face the sinister Cecccecs, the gratuitously violent Vorshagg, the miniscule Micron and the enigmatic Poozle. And they encounter the doomsday monks of Shardybarn, the warmongers of Valuensis, the politicians of Minuea and the killer cars of Estebol.

They also spend about half an hour in Lewisham.

The Sleep Of Reason by Martin Day

Published: 2004 BBC Books
No. of Pages: 281
ISBN: 0 563 48620 1

The near future: a man in a pshyciatric hospital claims to be an alien time traveller called 'the Doctor'. He once adventured across countless galaxies, fighting evil.

The past: an asylum struggles to change Victorian attitudes to the mentally ill. It catches fire in mysterious circumstances.

Now: a young woman takes an overdose and slips into a coma. She dreams of death falling like a shround over a benighted gothic building.

Caroline 'Laska' Darnell is admitted to the Retreat after her latest suicide attempt. To her horror, she recognises the medical centre from recent nghtmares of an old building haunted by a ghostly dog with glowing eyes. She knows that something is very wrong with the institute. Something, revelling in madness, is growing ever stronger. The mysterious Dr Smith is fascinated by Laska's waking dreams and prophetic nightmares. But if Laska is unable to trust her own perceptions, can she trust Dr Smith?

And, all the while, the long dead hound draws near...

The Deadstone Memorial by Trevor Baxendale

Published: 2004 BBC Books
No. of Pages: 280
ISBN: 0 563 48622 8
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There is no such thing as a good night.

You may think that you can hide away in dreams. Safely tucked up in bed, nothing can touch you.

But, as every child knows, there are bad dreams. And bad dreams are where the monsters are.

The Doctor knows all about monsters. And he knows that sometimes they can still be there when you wake up. And when the horror is more than just a memory, there is nowhere to hide.

Even here, today, tonight... in the most ordinary of homes, and against the most ordinary people, the terror will strike.

A young boy suffering terrifying visions...

... and his family will encounter a deathless horror.

Only the Doctor can help - but first he must uncover the fearsome secret of the Deadstone Memorial.

To The Slaughter by Stephen Cole

Published: 2005 BBC Books
No. of Pages: 271
ISBN: 0 563 48625 2

The solar system is being spring cleaned to improve its feng shui and attract big business back to the long abandoned seat of Earth's empire. Celebrity decoratiste Atristotle Halcyon is heading the campaign of controlled demolition. Having swept away the Asteroid Belt and the Oort Cloud, he now plans to make Jupiter more aesthetically please by removing scores of 'unnecessary' moons.

But the ancient satellites hold deadly secrets, as the Doctor, Fitz and Trix soon discover. With eco-terrorists plotting sabotage, corrupt officials lining their own pockets and sinister forces acting on their own agendas, only the Doctor sees that millions of innocents have been set on the fast track to bloody, unbridled destruction.