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BBC Books Doctor Who Logo From 1997 until 2005 BBC Books produced a range of full length novels featuring the Eighth Doctor, along with new companions Sam Jones, Fitz, Compassion and Trix. These adventures followed on from the 1996 TV movie.

Grace: I thought you were a doctor.
The Doctor: I thought you were a doctor.

Coldheart by Trevor Baxendale

Published: 2000 BBC Books
No. of Pages: 277
ISBN: 0 563 55595 5

The Doctor, Fitz and Compassion arrive on the planet Eskon - a strange world of ice and fire. Far beneath the planet's burning surface are vast lakes frozen solid by the glacial subterranean temperature.

But the civilised community that relies on the ice reservoirs for its survival has more to worry about than a shortage of water. The hideous slimers - degenerate mutations in the population - are growing more hostile by the moment, and their fanatical leader will stop at nothing to exact revenge against those in authority. But what connects the slimers to the unknown horror that lurks deep beneath the ice? And what is the terrible truth that the city leaders will do anything to conceal?

To unearth the ugliest secrets of Eskon, the TARDIS crew becomes involved in a desperate conflict. While Fitz is embroiled in the deadly plans of the slimers, the Doctor and Compassion must lead a danger-fraught subterranean expedition to prevent a disaster that could destroy the very essence of Eskon... its cold heart.

The Space Age by Steve Lyons

Published: 2000 BBC Books
No. of Pages: 237
ISBN: 0 563 53800 7

This is the city: a technological paradise built by an davanced race. Its glittering towers reach proudly for the stars, and its spires are looped by elevated roadways.

The people that lived here were enlightened and contented. They travelled in bubble-topped saucer cars, along moving pavements or in anti-gravity tubes. Obedient robots tended to their every whim. Disease, war, famine and pollution had been eradicated. Food machhines synthesised all essential nutrients into pill form., and personal rocket ships brought the solar system within reach. The people of the city befriended Venusians and Martians alike.

The city is self-cleansing. Its systems harness solar power and static electricity. Its buildings are constructed from a metal that will never rust or tarnish. It will stand forever as a monument to the achievements of the human race.

This is the Earth. The year is 2000 AD. This is your future.

Welcome to the Space Age.

The Banquo Legacy by Andy Lane and Justin Richards

Published: 2000 BBC Books
No. of Pages: 276
ISBN: 0 563 53808 2

Banquo Manor - scene of a gruesome murder a hundred years ago. Now history is about to repeat itself.

1898 - the age of advancement, of electricity, of technology. Scientist Richard Harries is preparing to push the boundaries of science still further, into a new area: the science of the mind.

Pieced together at last from the accounts of solicitor John Hopkinson and Inspector Ian Stratford of Scotland Yard, the full story of Banquo Manor can now be told.

Or can it? Even Hopkinson anmd Stratford don't know the truth about the mysterious Doctor Friedlander and his associate Herr Kreiner - noted forensic scientists from Germany who have come to witness the experiment.

And for the Doctor, time is lterally running out. He knows that Compassion is dying. He's aware that he has lost his own ability to regenerate. He's worried by Fitz's fake German accent. And he's desperate to uncover the Time Lord agent who has him trapped.

The Ancestor Cell by Peter Anghelides and Stephen Cole

Published: 2000 BBC Books
No. of Pages: 286
ISBN: 0 563 53809 0

The Doctor's not the man he was. But what has he become? An old enemy - Faction Paradox, a cult of time travelling voodoo terrorists - is finally making him one of its own. These rebels have a mission for him, one that will deliver him into the hands of his own people, who have decreed that he must die. Except now, it seems, the Time Lords have a mission for him too...

A gargantuan structure, hewn from solid bone, has appeared in the skies above Gallifrey. Its origin and purpose are unknown, but its powers threaten to tear open the web of time and the universe with it. Only the Doctor can get inside... but soom he will learn that nothing is safe and nothing sacred.

Shot by both sides, confronted by past sins and future crimes, the Doctor finds himself a prisioner of his own actions. With options finally running out, he must face his most crushing defeat or take one lasr, desperate chance for salvation.

The Burning by Justin Richards

Published: 2000 BBC Books
No. of Pages: 240
ISBN: 0 563 53812 0

The late nineteenth century - the age of reason, of enlightenment, of industrialisation. Britain is the workshop of the world, the centre of the Empire.

Progress has left Middletown behind. The tin mine is worked out, jobs are scarce, and a crack has opened across the moors that the locals believe reaches into the depths of Hell itself.

But things are changing: Lord Urton is preparing to reopen the mine; the Society for Physical Research is interested in the fissure; Roger Nepath and his sister are exhibiting their collection of mystic Eastern artifacts. People are dying. Then a stranger arrives, walking out of the wilderness: a man with no name and no history.

Only one man can unravel the mysteries; only one man can begin to understand the forces that are gathering; only one man can hope to fight against them. And only one man knows that this is just the beginning of the end of the world.

Only one man can stop the burning.

Casualties Of War by Steve Emmerson

Published: 2000 BBC Books
No. of Pages: 271
ISBN: 0 563 53805 8

1918: The world is at war. A terrible raging conflict that has left no one untouched.

In the North Yorkshire village of Hawkswick, it seems that the dead won't stay down. There are reports of horrifically wounded soldiers on manoeuvres in the night. Pets have gone missing, and now livestock is found slaughtered in the fields.

Suspicion naturally falls on nearby Hawkswick Hall, a pshyciatric hopsital for the shell-shocked soldiers, where Private Daniel Corey senses a gathering evil.

As events escalate, a stranger arrives on the scene. Can this Man from the Ministry solve the mystery of Hawkswick? And can Hawkswick solve the mystery of this Man from the Ministry?

The Turing Test by Paul Leonard

Published: 2000 BBC Books
No. of Pages: 242
ISBN: 0 563 53806 6

The Second World War is drawing to a close. Alan Turing, the code breaker who has been critical to the allied war effort, is called in to break a mysterious new cypher. It's coming from Germany, and everyone assumes it is German - everyone except Turing's new friend, the Doctor. Indeed it seems the Doctor knows too much about the code, and the code-makers - and when people start to die, even Turing wonders if the Doctor is the one to blame.

Graham Greene, novelist and spymaster, has also encountered the Doctor, and thinks he's a rum enough chap, but in a remote African village he has encountered something far stranger.

To find out the truth, they must all cross the front line and travel through occupied Germany - right into the firing line of the bloodiest war in history. What they find there has no human explanation - and only the Doctor has the answers. Or maybe they're just more questions.

Endgame by Terrance Dicks

Published: 2000 BBC Books
No. of Pages: 243
ISBN: 0 563 53822 8

Winning is everything - and nothing. Loving is nothing - and everything. All that matters is the game.

The Players have decided on an Endgame. Play ends only when one side has been annihilated - even if the entire planet is destroyed in the process. They weren't expecting the Doctor to be one of the pieces - and niether was he. He really doesn't want to get involved.

The Doctor doesn't know who he is - but he's fast ceasing to care. Caught up in ennui, nothing seems to matter to him any more. He has no interest in the Cold War, in spies or double agents or secret documents.

But he's soon forced to take an actvie role. Because as far as the authorities are concerned, the Doctor is the Third Man.