The Master


The Master

The Master is, like the Doctor, a renegade Time Lord from Gallifrey. The Doctor and the Master were at the academy together. President Borusa called the Master as being 'one of the most evil and corrupt beings the Time Lord race has ever produced'.

The Master's main goal is to become the ruler of the Universe. To reach his goal the Master has used all his regenerations and, after using the power of the Keeper of Traken to sustain himself, even tried to use the Eye of Harmony to steal the Doctor's remaining lives.

The Time Lords did offer the Master a whole new life cycle in return for rescuing the Doctor from the death zone. Naturally none of the Doctors trusted the Master.

The Doctor's and the Master's paths have crossed several times. In many cases the Master has helped the Doctor to correct an error he has made. Even though the Master would kill the Doctor, the Doctor is unable to bring himself to kill the Master, and even offers to help when the Eye of Harmony sucks in the Master.

The Master cannot be trusted. He has often managed to ally himself with various species, including Cybermen, and usually ends up double crossing them, or being double crossed.

The Master carries one particular weapon - a tissue compression eliminator - which is used to shrink the victim, often resulting in death. He has used this a number of times, most notably to kill Tegan's aunt Vanessa. The Master is careful, but accidents do happen, and he was accidentally shrunk by his own TCE.

The Master was captured by the Daleks and executed. His dying wish was that the Daleks allow the Doctor to take his remains to Gallifrey. The Master could not even be trusted in death.

When the Time War broke out the war was too much for the Master, and he ran to the end of the Universe. He made himself human in order to hide from the Universe, and himself. Martha recognised the device used by the Master, as the Doctor had similar. When the Master opened the device, his memory was returned, and he was able to regenerate into a younger body.

The new Master was insane, and set about taking over the Earth, starting with becoming the new Prime Minister of England, and over the course of a year devoted all his time to creating a new Time Lord empire. He appeared to die in the Doctor's arms after refusing to regenerate after being shot.

Additional information about The Master

Home Planet
  • Gallifrey
Played By
  • Anthony Ainley
  • Eric Roberts
  • Geoffrey Beevers
  • Gordon Tipple
  • John Simm
  • Peter Pratt
  • Roger Delgado
  • Michelle Gomez
  • Sacha Dhawan
  • Time Lord