Paul McGann
Eighth Doctor

Telos Novellas

Telos Publishing logo From 2001 to 2004 Telos Publishing held a licence to produce short novellas featuring the first eight Doctors. Two of the novellas were even set before the beginning of Doctor Who.

Grace: I thought you were a doctor.
The Doctor: I thought you were a doctor.

Rip Tide by Louise Cooper

Published: 2003 Telos Publishing
No. of Pages: 152
ISBN: 1903889 12 X

Deluxe edition also published (ISBN: 1 903889 13 8)

Unsettling things are afoot in a sleepy Cornish village. Strangers are hanging about the harbour and a mysterious object is retrieved from the sea bed. Then the locals start getting sick. Could this have anything to do with the alluringly beautiful Ruth whom local lifeboatsman Steve has taken a shine to ... or could the other stranger, a man calling himself the Doctor, be somehow involved? The Doctor is perhaps the only person who can help, but can he discover the truth in time?

Fallen Gods by Jonathan Blum and Kate Orman

Published: 2003 Telos Publishing
No. of Pages: 147
ISBN: 1 903889 20 0

Deluxe edition also published (ISBN: 1 903889 21 9)

In ancient Akrotiri, a young girl is learning the mysteries of magic from a tutor, who, quite literally, fell from the skies. With his encouragement she can surf the timestreams and see something of the future. But then the demons come. Death and disaster is meted out by the gods of her land. Perhaps retribution for some heinous crime ... or something far more sinister?

The Eye Of The Tyger by Paul McAuley

Published: 2003 Telos Publishing
No. of Pages: 84
ISBN: 1 903889 24 3

Deluxe edition (ISBN: 1 903889 25 1) and special slip cased hard backed editions (ISBN 1 903889 34 0) also published

Inhabiting a colony spaceship in the thirty second century are members of a religious cult that left Earth to find a world of their own. Their leader, Seraph, has downloaded his mind into the ship's computers, but now he has gone silent, enticed and serenaded by a siren song coming from inside a black hole. Trapped in orbit around the void, Seraph's followers are confused by his silence, and when the Doctor arrives with his friend Fyne seeking a cure to a raging Tyger-fever which has infected his companion, he finds a world on the brink of chaos.