Rory Williams
played by Arthur Darvill

Rory was a childhood friend of Amy Pond. When Amy met the Doctor as an adult Rory was her fiancé. He later married Amy and together they had a child, Melody Pond.

Although Amy always chose Rory he was always a but unsure of the relationship between Amy and the Doctor. Rory was erased from history by the crack in Amy's wall, but when the Nestene Consciousness brought characters from Amy's memory to life he returned as an Auton. When Amy was trapped in the Pandorica for 2,000 years the Auton Rory watched over it. Later Amy's memories restored history, and also Rory.

He was caught by a Weeping Angel and sent back to the past. Amy tried to change this event by sacrificing herself, and this stopped the time line from occurring. But afterwards a single Weeping Angel sent him back in time, and Amy let the Weeping Angel touch her and send her back as well.

First regular appearance: The Vampires Of Venice

Final regular appearance: The Angels Take Manhattan

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Addiional information about Rory Williams
  • Family: Father Brian Williams ::: Wife Amy Pond ::: Daughter Melody Pond / River Song
  • Home: Leadworth, Earth
  • Occupation: Hospital nurse