Amelia 'Amy' Jessica Williams (nee Pond)
played by Karen Gillan

Also played by Caitlin Blackwood

Amy first met the Doctor when she was only a child after the TARDIS crash landed in her garden. At the time she was living in a large house by herself.

When Amy next met the Doctor she was working as a Kissogram, and still living in the same house. Her parents had been erased from time due to a crack in her bedroom wall. The same crack also claimed the life her her fiancé Rory Williams. After the Doctor solved the issue of the cracks travelling with the Doctor was far from trouble free.

Amy was replaced by a facsimile, and whilst the copy travelled with the Doctor and Rory the real Amy had been kidnapped and gave to Melody Pond. Melody was conditioned to kill the Doctor, a task which she managed to do. Melody Pond later became the River Song.

Despite flirting with the Doctor, and kissing him, Amy was deeply in love with Rory. She was prepared to sacrifice herself if it meant not being with him, and when a Weeping Angel sent Rory back in time Amy let herself be sent back to, hoping the Weeping Angel would send her back to the same point in time.

First regular appearance: The Eleventh Hour

Final regular appearance: The Angels Take Manhattan

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Addiional information about Amelia 'Amy' Jessica Williams (nee Pond)
  • Family: Husband Rory Williams ::: Daughter Melody Pond / River Song
  • Home: Leadworth, Earth
  • Occupation: Kissogram