Whilst most Lakertyans were content to spend their time in the Centre of Leisure Ikona was prepared to fight back. When the TARDIS landed on Lakertya the Rani took the Doctor back to her headquarters. Ikona decided to kidnap Mel with the intention of trading her as a hostage for Beyus. When Mel saved him from death he started to trust that she was not in league with the Rani.

He later helped Mel to get inside the Rani headquarters, and also saved Mel from one of the Rani's traps. He was shunned by most of the other Lakertyans on Beyus' orders, and only his brother and Faroon would speak to him. After helping Mel to free the Lakertyans from the Rani's control he later took over as leader upon Beyus' death.

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Played By
  • Mark Greenstreet