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Planet Of The Cheetah People

The planet of the Cheetah People is a desert world. Where there are small lakes some plants grow, along with some small woods, but the majority of the planet is desert. The sky is a strange fluorescent pink.

The planet is alive, and is linked to the Cheetah People inhabitants. It also has a way of connecting with people, and in time will transform a person into an animal, and eventually into a Cheetah Person.

The local Cheetah Person population is usually peaceful, but when food is scarce they fight amongst themselves. Each time a fiight takes place an explosion occurs, and when the Doctor finds the Master on the planet the planet is close to destruction. With the Master partially possesses by the planet a flight between him and the Doctor hastens the destruction. The Doctor is able to transport back to Earth, but the fate of the Master and the planet is unknown.

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