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Paradise Towers

Paradise Towers is a large 304-storey luxury residence designed and built by the Great Architect, Kroagnon. When the seventh Doctor and Mel visited Paradise Towers they found it had seen better days. After all the men had gone off to fight in a war (the outcome of which is unknown, but none returned) the Towers fell into disrepair, despite a group of Caretakers who looked after the Towers.

The Towers boasts a giant and luxurious swimming pool on the 304 floor. The pool was the reason Mel wanted to visit the Towers after the Doctor was forced to jettison the swimming pool from the TARDIS after it began to leak. None of the residents or Caretakers ever visited the pool, and it was believed to be the home of the dead. As Mel found out, the pool was inhabited by killer robots.

Society had crumbled in Paradise Towers. The olrder resisdents (Ressies) kept themselves much to themselves, and the corridors were ruled by gangs of young women known as Kangs. The Caretakers were forever cleaning up the Kangs' wallscrawl. But there was another occupant that lived in the basement, who was linked via the chief caretaker, to the mysterious deaths that had been taking place.

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  • Kangs, Old Ones/Ressies, Caretakers, Robotic Cleaners, Kroagnon