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Androzani Minor

Androzani Minor is the twin planet of Androzani Major. Androzani Minor is a barren world of sand dunes with no vegetation or water. By the time the fifth Doctor and Peri visited a billion years had passed since there had been any water.

On the surface there are many blow holes. The centre of Androzani Minor contains superheated mud. When Androzani Minor passes close to Androzani Major the gravitational forces causes massive mud bursts. Anyone caught in a mud burst will be seriously injured, maybe even killed.

The main resource of Androzani Minor is spectrox. A refinery takes raw spectrox, which in the raw state is extremely toxic, and produces a life extending drug that is in high demand. Underground in Androzani Minor there are a network of cave passages which are used by the military, gun runners and the Magma Beast, as well as being a route for mud bursts.

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