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The Androgums are quite a primitive race separated into tribes known as Grigs. They are used as a labour force by other races in the Third Zone. Androgums possess great strength; the Doctor once commented that an Androgum could chop both him and Jamie in two with one hand. They also have a fierce appetite and on a visit to Earth Shockeye O' The Quawancing Grig, along with an augmented Doctor, managed to eat most items on a restaurant menu along including a whole Paella.

On board the Space Station J7, Doctor Joinson Dastari attempted to augment Chessene O' The Franzine Grig on to a higher plane. Dastari hoped that, with the power of time travel he hoped to gain from the Doctor, Chessene would be set amongst the Gods.

Androgums are naturally trecharous, escpecially Chessene. She used the Sontarans to kill all personnel aboard the Space Station J7, then used Dastari to trick, and destroy, the Sontarans. The plan to gain time travel failed, and on her death Chessene reverted to her former Androgum appearance.

The second and sixth Doctors met the Androgums when they met in the Two Doctors.

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