6Q/A. Red Dawn

Writer: Justin Richards
Director: Gary Russell
Producers: Jason Haigh-Ellery, Gary Russell, Jacqueline Rayner
Music: Russell Stone
Recorded: 20th - 21st November 1999


Ares One: NASA's first manned mission to the dead planet Mars. But is Mars as dead as it seems?

While the NASA team investigate an 'anomaly' on the planet's surface the Doctor and Peri find themselves inside a strange alien building. What is its purpose? And what is frozen inside the blocks of ice that guard the doorways? If the Doctor has a sense of deja-vu, it's because he's about to meet some old adversaries, as well as some new ones...

Regular Cast

  • Peri Brown: Nicola Bryant

Guest Cast

  • Pilot Susan Roberts: Maureen Oakley (1-2)
  • Commander Lee Forbes: Robert Jezek
  • Paul Webster: Stephen Fewell
  • Tanya Webster: Georgia Moffatt
  • Sub-Commander Sstast: Hylton Collins (2-4)
  • Lord Zzaal: Matthew Brehnar (2-4)
  • Zizmar: Alistair Lock (2)
  • Sskann: Jason Haigh-Ellery (2)
  • Razzburr: Gary Russell (4)

CD 1: Parts One and Two

CD 2: Parts Three and Four

Running Time: 110 minutes