2. Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150AD

1966 - 1966

Writer: Milton Subotsky
With Additional Material by: David Whitaker
Produced by: Milton Subotsky and Max J Rosenburg
Executive Producer: Joe Vegonda
Director: Gordon Flemyng
Incidental Music Composed and Conducted by: Bill McGuffie
Electronic Music: Barry Gray
From the BBC Serial by: Terry Nation


A Lion International Film (84 mins)


Policeman Tom Campbell is on his beat, when is he hit over the head. Stumbling to his feet he attempts to chase robbers after they blow up a jewellers. In attempt to call for back-up he opens the door of a Police Box and notices three occupants in a large room. Shortly afterwards he blacks out.

The Doctor operates the scanner and notices a group of people forming at the scene. He decides then is a good time to dematerialise. The destination: London,2150 A.D. Tom comes round during the journey, and believes nothing he is told until they land, and find London deserted.

Susan is wandering round the rubble strewn area, and accidentally steps on a beam which moves... Tom rescues her from being crushed by a girder, and the group take shelter under an arch as all sorts of rubble collapse onto the TARDIS.

Susan has hurt her ankle, and Louise offers to help bathe it, while the Doctor and Tom look for something which will help them get into the TARDIS. When they return Susan and Louise are missing. They go to the water's edge to look when the Doctor spots a Dalek rising. Robomen behind them capture them and take them to a Dalek ship.

Louise helps a group of freedom fighters, and manages to rescue Tom and the Doctor. She is trapped on the ship as it takes off for the the Dalek mines. So is Tom who has stayed to look for her. The Doctor decides to visit the mines, and so does Susan who is helped by Wyler.

At the mines the Doctor realises that the Daleks intend to destroy the Earth's core and replace it with a drive mechanism. The Daleks had previously made a slight mistake, and drilled a shaft close to the Earth's magnetic core. Tom reopens the shaft, and the Dalek bomb goes down this shaft, releasing magnetic force to great for the Daleks to resist.

The Daleks are destroyed, and the people return to London. When the Doctor returns to Earth he arrives back a few minutes before they took off. Tom is able to spot the thieves' get away vehicle, and apprehend the driver before the crime takes place.

Regular Cast

  • Susan: Roberta Tovey

Guest Cast

  • PC Tom Campbell: Bernard Cribbins
  • Louise: Jill Curzon
  • David: Ray Brooks
  • Wyler: Andrew Keir
  • Wells: Roger Avon
  • Conway: Keith Marsh
  • Roboman: Geoffrey Cheshire
  • Leader Roboman: Steve Peters
  • Brockley: Philip Madoc
  • Thompson: Eddie Powell
  • Dortmun: Godfrey Quigley
  • Women in the woods: Sheila Steafel, Eileen Way
  • Man with carrier bag: Bernard Spear
  • Craddock: Kenneth Watson
  • Robber: John Wreford
  • Leader Dalek: Robert Jewell With Tony Reynolds


When the camera pans quickly from right to left in the food room you can see the Robotising room in the background.

When Susan escapes in the red van and it crashes into the Daleks you can see the windscreen being smashed twice: once in close-up and once in long-shot so the driver can see where he is going.

Working Titles

Invasion Earth 2150AD

Daleks Invade Earth 2150AD


This sequel to Dr. Who and the Daleks was based on The Dalek Invasion of Earth and used the same format as the first film. The premiere was in June 1966 and it went on general release on 5th August of that year.