Peter Capaldi
Twelfth Doctor
2014 - 2017

Quote from

The Zygon Inversion

Clara: So, you must have thought I was dead for a while. Yeah. How was that?
The Doctor: Longest month of my life.
Clara. It could only have been five minutes.
The Doctor: I'll be the judge of time.

The Twelfth Doctor and Clara


From 1965 in most years there has been an annual produced featuring the Doctor of the time containing behind the scenes facts, puzzles, and stories.

Doctor Who The Official Annual 2015 featuring the Twelfth Doctor and Clara

Published: 2014 BBC Children's Books
No. of pages: 61
Comic Strip Stories
The Monsters of Coal Hill School
Meet the New Doctor!
The Doctor's Diary
Doctor Who?
Where's the Doctor?
Clara's Guide to Time Travelling
The Daleks
Droids, Robots and Mechanical Men
TARDIS Trouble
Secret Cyber Code
The Paternoster Gang
Spot the Difference
The Silence
The Zygons
The Sontarans
Hidden Horrors
Underground Trap!
Dangerous Planets
Doctor Who Quiz
Inside the Dalek
Clara's Diary
When the Wolves Came

Doctor Who The Official Annual 2016 feauring the Twelfth Doctor and Clara

Published: 2015 Puffin Books (BBC Children's Books)
No. of pages: 60
Comic Strip Stories
Zorgo The Terrible
Super Gran
I'm the Doctor!
Davros, Dark Lord of Skaro
Secrets of the TARDIS
Black Archive: The Daleks
Time Heist!
Meet Missy!
Sea Base Search
Black Archive: The Foretold and the Boneless
Missy's Mash-ups
Friends vs Foes
Black Archive: The Cybermen
Design Your Own Dalek
Fantastic Friends
Silurian Spot The Differences
Black Archive: Dream Crabs and Weeping Angels
Who Said It?
Battlefield Skaro
Double Trouble
Time Traveller Test
Fright Factor!
Odd Angels Out
The Pest of Paternoster Row

Doctor Who The Official Annual 2017 featuring the Twelfth Doctor

Published: 2016 Puffin Books (BBC Children's Books)
No. of pages: 61
Comic Strip Stories
Elephant in the Room
The Promise
The Complete History of the Doctor
Cybermen vs Daleks
Break the Cloister Code
Cyber Colouring In
Gallifrey: Planet of the Time Lords
The Osgood Files: The Zygons
The Adventures of Ashildr
Journey Back to Earth
The Osgood Files: King Hydroflax
Calling All Agents!
The Timey-Wimey Travels of River Song
Secrets of the Dalek Laboratory
The Zooniverse
The Osgood Files: The Mire
Who Said What?
Yes, Missy
A Day In The Life...
The Osgood Files: The Fisher King
The Osgood Files: The Veil
The Next Adventure
RUN! The Doctor's Greatest Escapes
Time And Relative Dimension In Search
The Osgood Files: The Sandmen
Oi! Were You Paying Attention?
Friends from the Future