Patrick Troughton
Second Doctor
1966 - 1969

Telos Novellas

Telos Publishing logo From 2001 to 2004 Telos Publishing held a licence to produce short novellas featuring the first eight Doctors. Two of the novellas were even set before the beginning of Doctor Who.

Wonderland by Mark Chadbourn

Published: 2003 Telos Publishing
No. of Pages: 92
ISBN: 1 903889 14 6

Deluxe edition also published (ISBN: 1 903889 15 4)

San Francisco 1967. A place of love and peace as the hippy movement is in full swing and everyone is looking forward to the ultimate festival: the Human Be-In. Summer, however, has lost her boyfriend, and fears him dead, destroyed by a new type of drug nicknamed Blue Moonbeams. Her only friends are three English tourists: Ben, Polly, and their mysterious guardian and friend the Doctor. But will any of them help Summer, and what is the strange threat posed by the Blue Moonbeams?

Foreign Devils by Andrew Cartmel

Published: 2002 Telos Publishing
No. of Pages: 149
ISBN: 1 903889 10 3

Deluxe edition also published (ISBN: 1 903889 11 1)

China, 1800, and the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe arrive at the British Trade Concession in Canton. A supposedly harmless relic known as the Sprint Gate whisks Jamie and Zoe into the future. The Doctor follows and arrives in England, 1900, where the descendants of an English merchant from 1800 are gathering. Among their number is a young man called Carnacki, an expert in all things mystical, and before long he is helping the Doctor investigate a series of bizarre murders. The spirits of the past have returned and the murderer may not be all they seem.