Patrick Troughton
Second Doctor
1966 - 1969


From 1965 in most years there has been an annual produced featuring the Doctor of the time containing behind the scenes facts, puzzles, and stories.

The Dr Who Annual 1969 Featuring the Second Doctor, Jamie and Victoria

Published: 1968 World Distributors
No. of pages: 95
Comic Strip Stories
Freedom By Fire
Atoms Infinite
Space Quiz
Star Facts
About The Moon
The Unknown World Under The Sea
Space Dictionary
Return From Hades
Space Special
Our Solar System
Space Panorama
Dr. Who's Planet Quiz
Men In Space
Listen To The Stars
Mysteries Of Space
Looking Back
Pioneers Of Flight
Death to Mufl
The Microtron Men
World Of Ice
Happy As Queeg
Valley Of Dragons
Planet From Nowhere
The Celestial Toyshop
Masterminds Of Space
Follow The Phantoms
Lords Of The Galaxy