1. The Church On Ruby Road

Sixtieth Anniversary - 2023

Writer: Russell T. Davies
Executive Producers: Russell T. Davies, Julie Gardner, Jane Tranter, Joel Collins, Phil Collinson
Producer: Chris May
Director: Mark Tonderai
Music performed by: BBC National Orchestra of Wales
Music conducted by: Alastair King
Music supervisor: Ollie White
The Goblin Song by: Murray Gold and Russell T. Davies
The Goblin Song sung by: Christina Rotondo


Christmas Eve, 2003: A woman leaves a newborn baby girl outside a church on Ruby road. The child was taken in by - and named Ruby.

1st December 2023: Ruby Sunday has contacted a programme, hosted by Davina McCall, in an attempt to track down her real parents. During the interview a sound engineer hears strange noises - like voices whispering. Strange creatures are playing around with a coffee cup and cables, and when a member of staff reaches for her coffee she trips over a cable causing a lamp to crash down, nearly hitting Ruby, before another cable is pulled from the wall and the plug hits Davina on the head.

22nd December 2023: The Doctor is watching Ruby performing on a keyboard at a dance when the power cable is pulled out of the wall, killing the keyboard.

23rd December 2023: In a club Ruby puts down her drink and watches the Doctor, dressed in a kilt, dancing. As she goes to pick up her drink the glass is not where she left it and knocks if off the table - where is caught by the Doctor.

Outside Ruby is talking to some friends about her recent bad luck as they grab a taxi cab. They don't see the Doctor use his sonic screwdriver to change the traffic lights to green moments before a giant snowman decoration crashes down. from a building.

Christmas Eve, 2023: Ruby returns home after shopping to find her neighbours Mrs. Flood and Abdul arguing about a blue police box that has been left on the pavement. As Ruby pauses something rips the paper bag and shopping spills out. Ruby takes what she can upstairs - but the eggs are broken. Inside her foster mother, Carla, announces she is fostering another child, and that someone will be bringing her round soon. Ruby comments that another Christmas eve baby is a co-incidence.

Ruth brings the new baby and tells them that Lulubelle will be with them for around 5 - 6 days. As they need some nappies, and eggs, Ruth and Carla head out leaving Ruby alone with Carla's mum, Cherry, and Lulubelle. Ruby receives a call from Davina who tells her that they have been unable to find any trace of Ruby's parents. She also asks if any Ruby has had any accidents recently, as she seems to be having a lot of accidents since meeting her.

As the call finishes Ruby hears some noises on the baby monitor and when she checks she find Lulubelle has vanished, and the skylight open. She immediately grabs some step ladders and goes out onto the roof where she sees some goblins loading Lulubelle into a basket that had been lowered from a ship in the clouds. As Lulubelle is hoisted up a rope ladder is dropped for the goblins. Ruby starts to climb the ladder as it starts to rise into the ship. As the ladder moves the Doctor runs across the rooftops and jumps onto the ladder with Ruby. The Doctor introduces himself properly, and shows Ruby some gloves he has created that can help with the strain when holding on.

The Doctor tells Ruby that the goblins want to eat the baby, and the goblins will eat them as well. As the ladder is pulled into the ship they find themselves surrounded by goblins. As they are left tied to a post the Doctor explains to Ruby that it's co-incidence that makes the baby tasty - such as being another Christmas Eve baby like Ruby, and the fact Ruby Sunday was born ion a Sunday, as well as the other accidents that Ruby had put down to being clumsy.

When the Doctor and Ruby get free from the ropes they are bound with they hunt for Lulubelle, and they find her on a conveyor belt heading toward the goblin king. The Doctor manages to intervene at the last moment and Ruby rescues the baby. Reversing the gloves the Doctor and Ruby get heavy and descend back to the rooftop with the baby. The Doctor does not think the goblins would invade, but realises they get into our world when there are little accidents/co-incidences. Ruby and the Doctor talk about some the other children Carla has fostered as they quickly try to baby-proof the kitchen before Carla returns home.

As Carla checks in on Lulubelle thunder and lightning starts, windows break, and a huge crack appears in the ceiling. The Doctor thinks that was the goblins saying goodbye. He checks that everything is okay - and notices Ruby has gone. The Doctor looks for her outside, and when he returns inside Carla doesn't know who Ruby is and Christmas decorations have disappeared, as has the crack in the ceiling. The Doctor tells Carla he will fix the crack in the timeline caused by the goblins.

Christmas Eve, 2003: The Doctor chases after goblins stealing the baby Ruby from the church steps. Using his special gloves he is able to pull the ship back down using the stored mavity, spearing the goblin king on the church steeply. As the goblin ship returns to its own dimension the Doctor catches the falling baby Ruby. and watches from a distance as she is taken in by the church.

Christmas Eve 2023: Everything seems to be back to normal, including the crack in the ceiling. The Doctor quickly explains what he did before leaving, and it takes Ruby a little time to realise he was talking about time travel. Ruby rushes after the Doctor and asks Mrs. Flood who nods to a police box. As Mrs. Flood and Abdul watch the police box disappear Mrs. Flood asks "Never seen a TARDIS before?"

Regular Cast

  • Ruby Sunday: Millie Gibson

Guest Cast

  • Davina McCall: Herself
  • Denzel: Bobby Bradley
  • Trudy: Mary Malone
  • Woman with pram: Belinda Owusu
  • Policeman: Barney Wilkinson
  • Mrs. Flood: Anita Dobson
  • Adbul: Hemi Yeroham
  • Carla Sunday: Michelle Greenidge
  • Cherry Sunday: Angela Wynter
  • Ruth Lyons: Gemma Arrowsmith
  • Goblins: Rachelle Beinart, Jess Judge, Dilu Miah, Giuseppe Lentini, Andrew Francis, Lukas Disparrow

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 1. The Church On Ruby Road Monday, December 25, 2023 5:55 PM - 6:50 PM

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