1.5. Dot and Bubble

Season 1 - 2024

Written by: Russell T. Davies
Executive Producers: Russell T. Davies, Julie Gardner, Jane Tranter, Joel Collins, Phil Collinson
Producer: Vicki Delow
Director: Dylan Holmes Williams
Music performed by: BBC National Orchestra of Wales
Music by: Murray Gold


In Finetime Lindy Pepper-Bean awakes as normal, and the first thing she does is open her bubble showing all her friends slowly rotating around her. But something is different. Some of her friends seem to be missing. She gets up and the bubble directs her around her apartment, and a Dr Pee tells her if she needs to pee. As she's cleaning her teeth the Doctor interrupts her feed to warn her about creatures in the real world - and she immediately blocks him.

Even though the weather satellites are playing up it is another sunny day in Finetime as Lindy walks to the office where she works - still inside her bubble and talking to her friends. The bubble gives her directions as she walks - even around a body lying in her path. At work she is bored, but still talks to her friends inside her bubble. This time Ruby appears in Lindy's feed pretending to be doing a systems check. Ruby asks Lindy about her job, and Lindy tells her it's data processing where they clean up substack information and send it back to the Homeworld - for two hours a day like everyone else. Ruby asks Lindy about her six colleagues in the office. Lindy is offended by the idea of looking to see if one of her colleagues, Danny Jay, is in the same room, and instead tries to contact him through her bubble - but he appears offline.

Gothic Paul appears in Lindy's feed to tell her other people have been disappearing as well. Lindy refuses to lower her bubble, but squints to look through the gaps between friends. The office desks in front of her is empty. Ruby persuades Lindy turn off her bubble for a second and look to her right where she sees a slug-like Maneater eating a colleague - Bertie Lester. Ruby tries to calm Lindy by introducing the Doctor. Lindy thinks the Maneater is something do with the Doctor, but he tells her it's not. The Doctor says he is there to save her - but first he needs her to walk out of the office - without the bubble. Lindy shuts down her bubble but has become so dependent on it that she is not able to navigate around desks without directions.

Despite the warning of other Maneaters Lindy reactivates the bubble so she can walk out. When she reaches a lift she is met by a Maneater. Despite the Doctor and Ruby shouting at her to move out of the way the Maneater appears to ignore her as it leaves the lift. Lindy tries to call the police, but all lines are busy.

Outside in the street the Doctor asks Lindy to lower the bubble so she can see full 360. When she does she sees more Maneaters - and other people in a bubble simply walking past, even when Lindy shouts warnings to them. She reactivates her bubble and asks for a hiding place where she tells the Doctor what she saw. Lindy thinks the Maneaters must have come from the Wild Wood that surrounds Finetime. From day one they are told to never touch the Wild Wood.

The Doctor and Ruby have been unable to break through Finetime's security shield and wonder how the Maneaters got in. Ruby asks Lindy about Finetime, and Lindy tells her the rich kids are sent there from the Homeworld where they works for two hours a day and spend the rest of the time partying. As she calms down she realises blocked the Doctor - but he managed to unblock himself. She tries a group chat all her friends, but many are missing. She tells them about the Maneaters in the real world, and isn't believed until they see one take Gothic Paul. Reluctantly Lindy allows the Doctor and Ruby join the group chat. The Doctor tells them he has found the plans to the town and sends all the friends locations to conduits to an underground river.

Lindy's dot normally re-charges at work, but leaving early leaves the dot with low battery. The Doctor manages to give directions to an access point in Plaza 55 before the charge in Lindy's dot runs out. Without the bubble Lindy tries to remember when Plaza 55 is, and walks by giving herself directions - after walking into a lamppost. She freezes when she reaches 55 where the are a number of Maneaters. She tries to walk slowly past them and almost stumbles into one. A voice tells her to turn and take two steps to get past a Maneater. Following the voice she sees Ricky September standing a short distance in front of her.

Ricky leads Lindy to the escape conduit. Ricky tells Lindy that he spends a little time in his bubble, dropping new songs, then turns it off for the rest of the day - and reads which is where he learnt about the conduits and the river underneath the town. Inside building 7Z2 Lindy is able to recharge her dot whilst Ricky manages to use a terminal to contact the Homeworld - only there is no-one left to answer.

Together the enter the lower levels of the building where the find the entrance to the conduit. Lindy reactivates her bubble to get the code from the Doctor. Lindy introduces the Doctor and Ruby to Ricky, and the Doctor tells Rick he will send the 100 digit code to a screen next to the keypad, and Ricky starts entering the code. The Doctor asks about Gothic Paul being eaten, and realises they are being killed in alphabetical order by surname. Realisation dawns on Lindy that the Maneaters are working their way to her, and panics when she sees that she's next. The Doctor tells Lindy that the Maneaters were created, and are not there by accident. He also tells her that he thinks the dots' AI has been listening to all the people chatting, and has come to hate the people.

Ruby tells Lindy to turn off her dot and bubble. The dots have been using Maneaters, but if necessary the dot is able to kill Lindy itself. Lindy turns off the bubble but the dot won't turn off, glows red, and starts shooting towards her. Ricky swaps places with Lindy, getting her to enter the numbers, as he fights off the dot with a pipe. As Lindy enters the final code the dot hits a chain knocking Ricky to the ground. Before the can get through the door Lindy shouts to the dot Ricky's true surname - Coombes. Coombes comes before Pepper-Bean, and the dot turns and kills Ricky. Lindy manages to get into the conduit before the dot returns.

When she reaches the underground river she sees other people - including one of her friend,s Hoochy Pie. She also meets the Doctor and Ruby in real life. When Ruby asks about Ricky Lindy says he went back to help other people.Lindy learns that they are alone, that there is no-one alive on the Homeworld, including her Mummy. The Doctor offers another option: he could take them all anywhere in the TARDIS.

But Lindy refuses, saying the Doctor is not one of them. Being and entitled rich kid Lindy feels it was the Doctor's duty to save her, and whilst screen-to-screen contact was just about acceptable, in-person is not. The Doctor pleads with Lindy, and her friends, to let him save them. But their new leader, Brewster, tells them to come with him before they are contaminated. Even though they will probably all die outside in the Wild Wood they all refuse the Doctor's help. The Doctor yells in frustration when he realises the reason why the group of white entitled rich kids are refusing his help.

Regular Cast

  • Ruby Sunday: Millie Gibson

Guest Cast

  • Lindy Pepper-Bean: Callie Cooke
  • Cooper Mercy: Eilidh Loan
  • Harry Tendency: Aldous Ciokajlo Squire
  • Hoochy Pie: Niamh Lynch
  • Valerie Nook: Millie Kent
  • Blake Very Blue: Billy Brayshaw
  • Gothic Paul: Pete Machale
  • Dr Pee: Max Boast
  • Rotterdam Twin 1: Elloise Bennett
  • Rotterdam Twin 2: Olivia Bennett
  • Ricky September: Tom Rhys Harries
  • Weatherman Will: Jack Forsyth-Noble
  • Penny Pepper-Bean: Susan Twist
  • Suzie Pentecost: Ellie-Grace Cashin
  • Brewster Cavendish: Jamie Barnard

Original broadcast on the BBC

Channel Title Date Viewers Rating
BBC 1 5. Dot and Bubble Saturday, June 1, 2024 6:50 PM - 7:35 PM 3.38M

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